Mistakes to Avoid after an Alpharetta SSDI Claim Denial

Filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a long and complicated process. A successful application for benefits requires meeting all eligibility requirements. The Social Security Administration (SSA) generally requires an applicant to fill out a substantial amount of information ranging from medical history to former employment. Failing to answer a single question may result in a delay or denial during the processing of your claim. If you experienced a claim denial, it may be in your best interests to learn more about mistakes to avoid after an Alpharetta SSDI claim denial.

Filing for disability benefits often involves transparency, patience, and due diligence. Schedule a legal consultation with our team of committed SSDI denial lawyers. A hearing claims advocate at our firm can examine the factors surrounding the denial and potentially work to determine your next best course of action.

Providing the Wrong Medical Information

Medical records are among of the most important pieces of evidence in any type of disability claim. However, many applicants fail to double check information such as doctors’ names, hospital addresses, and other pertinent facts before submitting.

The Social Security Administration clearly states that detailed information about the applicant’s medical illnesses, injuries, and conditions must be provided. These types of errors may prevent the disability examiner from reviewing the claim and accurately assessing the medical condition, which could be crucial in terms of obtaining benefits. Additionally, failing to provide such information could lead a disability examiner to doubt a person’s eligibility for benefits.

Failing to File an Appeal

One decisive error that generally should be avoided after receiving a denial notification is not filing an appeal. Applicants should continue to pursue their claims even if they are initially denied. Statistics commonly show that a significant number of claims pursued through the appeals process result in approval.

While the first appeal, also known as a reconsideration request, is typically denied, this grants the applicant the opportunity to request a disability hearing. If a case is prepared properly with the help of an effective disability advocate, benefits may be granted, although it is important to note that each case is unique.

Another mistake to avoid after an Alpharetta SSDI claim denial is filing another claim as opposed to submitting an appeal. People who receive initial SSDI denials frequently file a new claim because they simply do not know the proper procedure. When this occurs, the claim is typically denied once again. Instead, applicants should file an appeal which, after a set period, may be considered and heard by a federal judge.

Forgetting to Check the Status of the Claim

When it comes to a hearing before an administrative law judge, the claim may no longer be with Disability Determination Services (DDS), but in the hands of the Office of Hearings Operation (OHO) where it awaits a hearing date. If the case is at the hearing level, it may not be productive to contact the Social Security office where one initially filed the claim to check the status of the hearing request.

The SSA generally functions autonomously from the office, therefore they may have little to no information regarding the status of the hearing. Instead, an applicant may benefit from making a call to their local regional hearing office where they could find up-to-date information regarding the status of their claim.

Ask an Alpharetta Attorney about the Mistakes to Avoid after an SSDI Claim Denial

The entire SSDI benefits application process is nothing short of complicated. Not everyone is knowledgeable of proper procedures, which is why it may prove beneficial to seek the assistance of a skilled disability representative to help pinpoint mistakes to avoid after an Alpharetta SSDI claim denial. Call our firm and arrange for a legal consultation.

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