When you file a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), it is reasonable to expect that you would soon be awarded benefits. After all, you worked for years and paid into the system so that SSDI benefits would be available to you if you became disabled.

Unfortunately, the reality is that filing a claim for SSDI is not a guarantee that you will actually receive those benefits. Many people who apply for SSDI are denied, especially the first time around.

In fact, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), only 28 percent of applicants are awarded SSDI benefits as a result of their initial claims. If you want to have the tools necessary to effectively fight back against a rejection, you should contact an Alpharetta SSDI denial lawyer right away to pursue an appeal.

Common Reasons for SSDI Benefit Denials in Alpharetta

The SSA publication entitled “Disability Benefits” states that there are two different types of eligibility criteria that an individual must meet in order to receive SSDI benefits. First, individuals must meet the earnings requirement. The SSA considers an applicant’s age at the time of becoming disabled, as well as how long they worked and paid Social Security taxes. If an applicant does not have a sufficient work history according to SSA standards, they would not satisfy the earnings requirement for SSDI benefits.

The SSA also considers whether individuals meet the medical criteria for being disabled. Generally, if an SSDI applicant is working and earns a certain amount each month, the SSA would not even look at their medical condition, because they would not meet the definition of “disability.” The following factors may result in a denial of SSDI benefits based on an applicant’s medical conditions:

Appealing a Denial of SSDI Benefits

These medical requirements are not always easy to meet, which results in many individuals being denied SSDI benefits. However, the SSA has an appeals process that allows individuals who are denied benefits to have their cases reconsidered.

This is where assistance from a SSDI denial lawyer in Alpharetta could be particularly helpful. An advocate for the disabled who is experienced in handling SSDI denials can step in and work to strengthen a claim throughout the various levels of appeals.

Work with an Alpharetta SSDI Denial Attorney Today

The SSDI claims process is quite complex and requires a great deal of documentation about your current and past earnings, as well as your medical condition. Fortunately, a disability representative experienced in SSDI denials can assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation and submitting it to the SSA in accordance with any deadlines. Contact an Alpharetta SSDI denial lawyer today to find out what kind of difference they could make in your case.

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