Alpharetta Mental Illness and Social Security Disability Benefits

The federal Social Security Administration (SSA) provides two different types of income and medical benefit programs for those unable to work due to certain mental illness disabilities. The qualifying requirements differ for each type. To learn more about Alpharetta mental illness and Social Security disability benefits, you could contact your local SSA office or speak with our team of experienced attorneys knowledgeable about SSDI benefits.

SSA Disability Benefits Overview

While individuals may qualify for both types of benefits the SSA offers for disabled workers, the aims and requirements of each program are different. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program provides Social Security disability benefits, which could protect workers who become unable to continue employment due to disability.

To be eligible to receive these benefits, an applicant must have worked a required number of years and paid into the Social Security program. The number of years required varies based on the applicant’s age at the onset of the disability. A certain number of those years must also be recent.

While supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may also provide assistance to disabled employees, employment history may not be required to qualify for these benefits. Eligibility is based on low income and asset level. For both types of mental illness and social security disability benefits in Alpharetta, applicants must suffer from a condition or impairment that prevents them from working at any type of gainful employment.

Eligibility for Benefits Based on Mental Illness

The application process for either SSDI or SSI benefits typically consists of two parts: establishing medical eligibility and establishing work or asset eligibility. The process of demonstrating medical eligibility is typically the most complicated part of applying or appealing the denial of an application.

Applicants who demonstrate that their condition meets one of the agency’s impairment guidelines could find the process of establishing medical eligibility easier. The SSA schedule of impairments lists nearly a dozen different categories of mental disorders, which may include:

Individuals seeking to qualify for SSDI and SSI must meet medical requirements described for each type of disorder. They must also either meet functionality requirements and/or show that the disorder is “serious and persistent.” Classification and requirements differ somewhat when applying for benefits for minors.

Appealing Rejection of Benefits

It is not uncommon for the SSA to deny an application for SSDI benefits based on mental illness. In many cases, the SSA’s stated reason for denying an application is that an applicant provided insufficient documentation to demonstrate the requisite level of disability.

At this point, an applicant could seek reconsideration of their application and may supply additional information to support the claim. If the SSA still rejects their application, they could request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. In many cases, this hearing is the last opportunity to present new evidence when seeking mental illness and social security disability benefits in Alpharetta.

Get Help Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Illness in Alpharetta

Those suffering from different types of mental illness could qualify for Social Security disability benefits if they can satisfy impairment standards. The process of recovering those benefits is typically lengthy and complex.

An experienced SSDI lawyer may assist with cases in Alpharetta involving mental illness and Social Security disability benefits. It is also possible to obtain information from a local SSA field office. Call our firm today to get started exploring your options.

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