Alpharetta SSDI Benefits

Not everyone who applies for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits will be eligible. With thousands of applications flooding into Social Security Administration (SSA) offices, the chances of receiving benefits are marginal at best. Some residents who qualify for Alpharetta SSDI benefits may still be denied due to the complex nature of the government.

Unfortunately, 60 percent of Georgia SSDI claims are denied by the SSA. The applicants who are denied may refile by sending a Request for Reconsideration in hopes the initial decision will be overturned. However, these requests average an astounding 80 percent denial rate.

Most Alpharetta residents will endure a lengthy and tedious disability appeal process. However, with the assistance of an accomplished SSDI law firm, you will receive aggressive representation during the appeal process and avoid the hassles of obtaining benefits alone.

What is Required to Apply for SSDI Benefits?

The SSDI application process requires a plethora of information that must be submitted to the SSA in order to qualify. One specific area where you must be detailed and thorough with their information is the actual disability section. Alpharetta residents must provide the name and phone number of an individual who the SSA can contact that knows about the claimant’s medical conditions and can assist with the application itself.

What Medical Information Should be Included?

You are also responsible for providing detailed information about an illness or medical condition as well as the contact information from all hospitals, doctors, etc, the names of prescription medication being taken and who prescribed them, and the names and dates of all medical tests and who performed them. According to the Social Security Administration, if there is a lack of substantial evidence about your condition, the agency may ask you to go to a special examination for a final determination.

SSDI Benefits Appeals

Every state’s disability determination agency has its own approval and denial rates. Georgia’s Disability Adjudication Services (DAS) approves only 32 percent of all disability claims on the first try.

If a claim is denied by the DAS, the applicant may proceed to request an appeal hearing, which brings the disability case to the Office of Hearing Operations (OGO). For Alpharetta residents, the average time it takes to request a hearing from an administrative law judge is more than 17 months.

SSDI Compensation

The federal government supplies a majority of SSDI benefits, up to $750 per month for the year 2018. However, Georgia also provides a small state supplement for eligible applicants who are living in nursing homes, otherwise known as Medicaid facilities. An eligible individual may receive a supplement of $20 if eligible, or $40 for couples.

Georgia’s Department of Human Resources (DHR) manages these SSDI supplements, meaning there is no need to apply separately for the state supplement. Eligible SSDI recipients in our area are normally tracked by the DHR’s database if they are approved for disability benefits.

Fighting for SSDI Benefits in Alpharetta

The disability appeal process is both lengthy and complex, making it increasingly difficult for Alpharetta’s disabled to handle the entire process on their own. With the assistance of a skilled SS disability attorney, the process of obtaining Alpharetta SSDI benefits can be simplified knowing a trusted Social Security representative will help fight for disability benefits. Call now to get started.

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