Role of an Alpharetta Attorney in Post-Divorce Disputes

Getting legal advice means gaining access to the expertise of an attorney who knows the courts and has experience with all kinds of post-divorce disputes. Seeking legal representation also gives you a wider range of options for a mutually satisfying outcome.

In cases where the divorce was not negotiated but rather decreed by the judge and jury, you and your ex may not have a history of working together to make good decisions. Even if you worked out your own divorce agreements, you may have lost any leverage you had in getting your ex to cooperate; now you may be dependent on his or her goodwill and appreciation for the orders. This is an uncomfortably vulnerable place to be.

One of our experienced post-divorce dispute attorneys can help you with any necessary modifications or dispute resolution. To learn more about the role of an Alpharetta attorney in post-divorce disputes, connect with one of our team members.

Resolving a Post-Divorce Dispute Amicably

Divorce settlements which were accomplished through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices tend to spawn fewer litigious post-divorce battles than those that settled in court. This is because spouses who settle their divorces through ADR are usually more satisfied with their arrangements, having experienced calm coaching to help them think through their vision for the future after divorce.

They have also practiced good techniques modeled for expressing concerns, stating goals, and coming to compromises. All of these skills and experiences are beneficial to the ongoing post-divorce spousal relationship. Having had the experience of a less painful, more satisfactory debate over the issues involved in divorce, these couples have a better chance of being able to engage in healthier debate when problems inevitably come up after divorce.

Does This Mean a Court-Ordered Divorce is Doomed to Litigation and Strife?

Not at all. Even if your original divorce was highly contentious, it is always possible to start new with the help of an Alpharetta post-divorce attorney skilled in turning emotional, complex problems into concrete actions that can change your situation for the better. Asking for help from a professional instead of bracing yourself for another fight with your ex will give you the best chance of a peaceful and successful outcome.

Let us provide the support for you to have a constructive conversation to discuss your post-divorce issues. Whether you feel you and your ex are ready to attempt mediation, or if you need restraining orders filed, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to uncover the facts and put the modifications in place to make your life after divorce more livable.

Ask an Alpharetta Attorney about Their Role in Post-Divorce Disputes

Even in the best of post-divorce relationships, you may not know what is available to solve the problem on your own, or you might find it challenging to even imagine a positive result. Going through a divorce – not to mention becoming a single parent – can leave you without the bandwidth to think.

An experienced, professional Alpharetta lawyer knows that divorced couples encounter problems they could never have planned for. The right lawyer can fulfil their role to skillfully lead you through the process of modifying your court orders or simply drafting an agreement that solves the post-divorce dispute, without emotional outbursts or the stress that unfairly spills over onto your children. Give yourself the very best help and call our intake number today.

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