Dividing Property with a Narcissist during a Georgia Divorce

Most divorcing couples will do almost anything to avoid going to court. Increased conflict and substantial legal fees are valid concerns for anyone litigating a family law issue. However, if you are divorcing a narcissist, you may find that litigation is exactly what they want.

A narcissist often sees themself as the ‘victim’ and has an intense need to be right. They may be unwilling to meet you in the middle on many issues, including asset distribution.

Narcissistic spouses in our area tend to use manipulation tactics and deception during the process of equitably dividing the marital estate. With the help of one of our lawyers, you can successfully divide property with a narcissist during a Georgia divorce.

How a Narcissist May Complicate a Divorce

Most narcissists share several defining traits that can complicate any asset division case. For example, many people with this personality disorder tend to:

  • Want victory at all costs;
  • Lack empathy and will not hesitate to unjustly disparage the other party’s character;
  • Seek power and control and will distort the truth to maintain it; and
  • Deny the other party’s desire to end the marriage.

These behaviors can result in a lengthy, contentious, and expensive legal battle over who owns which assets after your marriage is dissolved. It’s a narcissist’s goal to force you to give in to their demands and create emotional or economic turmoil. Being aware of this as you begin organizing properties and debts in preparation of your divorce. Concentrate on the big picture to avoid the narcissist’s petty battle.

Strategies to Reach an Equitable Property Distribution with a Narcissist

A narcissist may attempt to distract you from the relevant property issues by lying about events in the marriage, maligning you, or filing frivolous court motions to run up your legal fees. Employing specific strategies can help you stay focused on a fair division of your marital assets.

Identify All Assets

To keep you from receiving your fair share of assets, your narcissistic ex-spouse may:

  • Attempt to remove you from joint bank and retirement accounts;
  • Sell or liquidate assets without your consent;
  • Secretly transfer property; or
  • Refuse to provide full financial disclosure.

Making a list of your financial interests and giving it to your lawyer early in the process will help them protect your assets while the divorce is pending.

Maintain Meticulous Financial Records

Because a narcissist will not hesitate to fabricate whatever version of the truth benefits them the most, it is essential not to let the division of your assets be reduced to a “he said/she said” argument. Copy all financial records, including but not limited to:

  • Bank statements;
  • Paystubs;
  • Tax returns;
  • Insurance policies;
  • Vehicle titles; and
  • Property deeds.

This information will help your attorney paint an objective picture of your family’s finances, rather than the version offered by a narcissistic ex, and may result in more equitable distribution of property.

Comply with All Court Orders

A narcissist does not like to be told what to do, so your ex may disregard court procedures and deadlines. It is essential that you follow all court directives so that your cooperation comes in sharp contrast to your spouse’s behavior and delay tactics. Your compliance may influence a court’s decision to reimburse you for unnecessary or additional legal fees that your narcissistic spouse’s behavior caused you to incur.

Work with a Georgia Divorce Attorney when Dividing Property with a Narcissist

A narcissist is skilled at hiding their true colors, often presenting as charming, well-spoken, and cooperative. Your legal representative must be able to identify someone with this personality disorder and minimize their damaging behaviors. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group are well-versed in dealing with narcissists in family law cases.

Our team can help protect your assets, minimize delays in the exchange of financial information, and avoid unnecessary court proceedings. Call today to learn more about the ins and outs of dividing property with a narcissist during a Georgia divorce.

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