How Do You Identify a Narcissist?

How to identify a narcissist: Are you married to a narcissist? Many of our clients and potential clients believe that they are, and that’s not surprising. Mental health issues especially narcissism can lead to high conflict marriage and thus to divorce. And there can be and needs to be a different strategy when divorcing a narcissist. So how do we identify one? There are several factors to look for to determine if your spouse is a narcissist. Do they have delusions of grandeur and often a fantasy life that feeds into this delusion of grandeur? Is there a sense an entitlement that they have do they often belittle and bully other people? If they do they could in fact be a narcissist. Here at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group we specifically train our attorneys to deal with narcissism and divorce and modification cases. Give us a call so we can help you divorce your narcissist.

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