What You Need To Know About Parenting Plans In The State Of Georgia

Hi, I’m Shawna Woods, managing partner at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group.

Talking to you today about parenting plans.

If you’re going through a divorce with children or modification here in the state of Georgia, you must have a parenting plan.

It’s required by law. You do not want to simply download a forum and checkboxes because your family is not formulaic.

You really need to sit down with an experienced attorney and work through what’s important to you and your particular family so that we can help create this parenting plan with you.

Everything from travel itineraries, passports, when the children get to make determinations regarding religion or education, and how are the parents going to create and talk to each other so that we have a good co parenting relationship.

Come see us at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group so that we can assist you and your family and creating a good parenting plan.

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