What Conditions Are Considered Disabilities in Sandy Springs?

If a disability affects your daily functioning or ability to work, you may be eligible for disability benefits. To receive these benefits, you must successfully file an application with the federal Social Security Administration (SSA). Before you apply, it could prove helpful to investigate what conditions are considered disabilities in Sandy Springs.

To understand the nuances around eligibility for benefits, Social Security applicants may themselves benefit from the knowledge that a skilled attorney could offer. A knowledgeable Social Security lawyer could help develop a strong and compelling record supporting your applications, investigate ways to speed up your application process, and could assist with appeals and court hearings if necessary.

How to be Eligible for Benefits

When a medical or mental condition prevents a person from working, they may be eligible to obtain benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). To receive these benefits, an individual must meet the associated medical requirements in addition to being “insured” under the Social Security system.

This insured status is based on work history and payments made through FICA or self-employment taxes. When someone cannot work but is not insured for SSDI, they may be able to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a separate program run by the SSA.

Determining Disability in Sandy Springs

In order to receive SSDI benefits, an applicant must have a physical or psychological medical impairment which prevents them from being gainfully employed. This disability must be long-lasting or expected to result in death, as Social Security only pays disability benefits for permanent or “total” impairments. Unfortunately, this means that there is no coverage available for short-term or partial disabilities.

While Social Security comes from the federal government, the SSA oversees various state-level agencies that determine whether individual applicants qualify as disabled. For Sandy Springs, the determining agency is the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services (DAS). Once someone submits a complete application for SSDI or SSI, the SSA will send it to DAS to determine whether the applicant qualifies for the benefits they requested.

When determining what conditions in Sandy Springs are considered a disability, the SSA and DAS look beyond whether the applicant can perform the job that they previously worked held. To be considered disabled, they must also be unable to work in any job they would otherwise be qualified for.

The “Blue Book” List of Disabilities

When deciding whether to grant SSDI benefits, the SSA follows pre-established guidelines known colloquially as the “Blue Book.” These guidelines list what may be numerous disabling conditions that could be considered qualifiers for SSDI or SSI benefits in Sandy Springs. To receive benefits for these conditions, Sandy Spring residents must be impaired to the degree that they cannot work. This blue book list includes but is not limited to:

Talk to a Social Security Attorney About Your Disabling Condition in Sandy Springs

If you are unable to work as the result of a disability, you may qualify for benefits under SSDI or SSI. Understanding whether you are qualified or not can be confusing, and many first-time applications are rejected.

You do not need to face this legal system alone. You may benefit from seeking legal counsel. A dedicated Social Security lawyer could help assess your eligibility for benefits and help to file an application. Call today to learn more about your Social Security rights.

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