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As a parent, you always want to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. However, things can get more complicated after a divorce, especially when it comes to making important parenting decisions for your little ones. If you are considering relocating to another area for more lucrative career prospects or to provide better opportunities for your children, you might think it will be an easy decision. Unfortunately, child custody relocation in Georgia is not always straightforward and can involve a complex legal process. This is why working with a Roswell relocation lawyer to look into your situation, review the state’s relocation laws with you in detail, and determine what adjustments could be made is vital. Trust in our seasoned child custody attorneys to help you and your family protect your best interests.

Moving Your Child After a Divorce

In the past, the custodial parent could decide whether a child could move. However, today, the Georgia family court system no longer believes this approach is in the child’s best interest. Rather, the family court now believes that moving a child will depend on the specifics of their situation.

If a custodial parent wants to relocate their child out of Georgia, they would first need to notify the non-custodial parent 30 days before the move. This notification would also have to include crucial details about this change, including the child’s new address. Once the non-custodial parent receives this notice, they can either agree to the terms of the move and create an agreed-upon modified parenting plan, which both parents will have to agree to in writing and have notarized. Or, if the non-custodial parent does not agree to the move, they will need to file a request for modification of custody. This order may not necessarily stop the custodial parent from moving, but it can potentially stop the parent from taking the child out of state with them. To better understand these options and the legal proceedings involved, contact a Roswell relocation attorney today.

Factors That Can Impact a Relocation Decision

There are various factors that a family court will need to review when determining whether relocation is in the best interest of a child in Georgia. However, some of the most common factors that will be examined by the judge to make this decision include:

  • How old is the child;
  • Why is the custodial parent needing to move away;
  • What are the benefits of the move, specifically to the child;
  • Does the child have any ties to the local community or their school;
  • Are there other options to help meet the child’s and family’s needs;
  • What type of relationship does the child have with the non-custodial parent;
  • Will this move create instability, and how will the stress of the move impact the child?

Depending on the circumstances, the judge may also decide to speak to the child regarding their thoughts about the move. While the child’s opinion may not always be used to make the court’s ultimate decision regarding the relocation, it can help impact it. Consult a Roswell attorney from our firm to learn more about these factors and what other issues can influence the court’s judgment regarding a relocation.

Contact a Roswell Relocation Attorney To Learn More About Moving a Child After a Divorce

If a custodial parent moves, their choice can impact the entire family. Not only will visitation be more complex for both sides, but it can also reduce parent-child relationships with the non-custodial parent.

For these reasons, if you or a loved one is considering moving and wants further information about relocation laws in Georgia, contact an experienced Roswell relocation lawyer today and let our legal team go over the steps involved in the process.

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