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Nov 8, 2021 | Sara Khaki

Atlanta Divorce Law Group is proud to announce the promotion of Senior Attorney Allen Russell to Partner. Russell brings nearly 30 years of experience in a legal practice devoted exclusively to family law litigation. He has developed a reputation as an aggressive advocate for his clients, a skilled negotiator, and a proficient trial attorney.

For his hard work and dedication to the firm and his clients, Russell has received numerous accolades. He realizes this is one of the “toughest times in a client’s life” and understands the importance of being there for his clients, “including in the evenings and on weekends.” He believes in keeping his clients informed throughout the whole process of their case, and his clients consistently describe Russell as “professional, trustworthy, responsive and intelligent.”

Since graduating from law school in 1993, Allen has tried hundreds of complex family law cases in multiple jurisdictions, including high asset divorces, child custody, modifications, paternity/legitimation, and various related matters.

“I’m thankful to Atlanta Divorce Law Group for the opportunity to serve our clients and our firm in my new role as Partner,” Russell says. “It has been a pleasure to work with such an exceptional team. We are united in our shared vision of approaching each client’s unique case with empathy while applying our knowledge of divorce and family law to guide them into a better future for themselves and their children. I look forward to contributing to the success of Atlanta Divorce Law Group for many years to come.”

Russell and the Atlanta Divorce Law Group team are guided by their mission and a strong set of values to bring each client their Happily Ever After Divorce®. Every divorce is unique to each client, so Russell and the team strive to let compassion and growth guide an organic process of divorce. As Atlanta Divorce Law Group’s newest partner, Russell looks forward to providing excellent service to the firm and his clients.

About Atlanta Divorce Law Group

Family law is about helping individuals and families manage the emotional struggles of facing an uncertain future. It’s about the Atlanta Divorce Law Group legal team being human, sensitive, and empathetic to a significant change occurring in their clients’ lives. The Atlanta Divorce Law Group has been founded on a history of helping families through the most challenging times of their lives. Their holistic approach that focuses on the legal and non-legal needs of a client going through a major life transition sets them apart in this industry. They know that solving the legal issues is a start in the right direction, but they want to ensure their clients land on their feet prepared for the next chapter. The mission of Atlanta Divorce Law Group is to do away with the stigma of divorce by providing secure and happy futures for their clients. In doing so, they believe the rest of their community will begin to see that when divorce becomes necessary, it can be a healthy event. Through their Happily Ever After Divorce ® philosophy, they will reach our mission, one happy client at a time.

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