Marietta SSI Hearing

The process for obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can be long and frustrating and even require multiple rounds of appeals. One of these rounds grants you the opportunity to present your SSI case before a judge.

These judges’ hearings are usually an applicant’s best chance to obtain SSI benefits. A qualified SSI attorney can offer guidance throughout every part of the process as you present your case during a Marietta SSI hearing.

Why Might a Hearing Be Necessary?

SSI benefits are a needs-based program, so not every person who applies for benefits will receive payments. Instead, the Social Security Administration must examine every application to determine if a person qualifies for benefits, which typically involves an in-depth examination of an applicant’s medical history. The SSA maintains a list of disabling conditions of automatically qualifying conditions and would likely reject any claimant whose condition does not appear on this list.

When appealing a denied SSI benefits claim, a Marietta applicant’s end goal should be to have a hearing before a judge, as this would give them the opportunity to have their case independently examined. A judge can rule a person to be disabled even if they do not meet the definitions contained in the SSA’s list of impairments.

What to Expect at an SSI Hearing in Marietta

The hearing itself would be a closed-door session, and the only people in the room would be the judge, a hearing court reporter, the applicant, an attorney, and a translator if necessary. Every judge has their own method for conducting a hearing, but they would generally ask questions about a claimant’s medical conditions, what steps they have taken to pursue relief, their work history, their day-to-day activities, and what medications they are currently taking.

A hearing claims advocate could be of great help during these hearings in many aspects—for instance, by ensuring that a judge has all the latest medical records pertaining to a client’s case. They could also help author a memorandum that outlines an applicant’s case and makes a legal argument for a qualified claim. Finally, they could appear in person at the hearing to help direct questioning, clear up any misconceptions, and ask an applicant any additional questions.

A hearing typically takes around one hour to complete. The judge would make a decision in three to five months and mail that decision to both the applicant and their legal counsel, should they choose to retain any.

A Marietta SSI Hearing Could Lead to a Successful Claim

Many claims face repeated denials with no apparent progress, and while many of these denials can cause frustration, they are sometimes a necessary step to obtaining a judge’s hearing. With the help of a skilled legal advocate, these hearings may offer the best chance of success in many SSI claims.

An experienced law firm focused on Social Security disability cases can work to file the necessary paperwork, prepare you and your claim for the judge, and offer advice and support every step of the way. Call today to learn more about Marietta SSI hearings.

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