Marietta Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Many fathers are unaware of their rights during a family law case involving their children. Fortunately, Georgia law recognizes the value of a paternal relationship and treats mothers and fathers equally in cases involving children’s issues.

When a legal case threatens to diminish a dad’s relationship with his children, an experienced family attorney may be able to help. If you need assistance proving paternity, dealing with support payments, or any other such matter, contact a Marietta fathers’ rights lawyer to start working on your case.

What Are a Dad’s Rights to Custody and Visitation in Marietta?

Most of the concerns that dads have in family cases revolve around the care and well being of their children. Married fathers often have an easier time exercising their legal rights than unmarried fathers, as the law assumes that married couples are the biological parents of any child produced by that marriage.

Unmarried fathers, on the other hand must prove their paternity and legitimate their children in court before a judge will grant them custody or visitation rights. Once a dad has fully established his legal and biological relationship to his children, he has the same rights as the children’s mother.

How is Custody Typically Decided?

Georgia law assumes that parents will work with each other and create a plan to support their children emotionally, physically, and financially throughout their lives. When parents cannot agree to the terms of a custody agreement or parenting plan, a judge could step in and make these decisions on their behalf.

Deciding which parent should have custody and how much parenting time either person is entitled to depends on several criteria. A judge could examine and weigh carefully how well the parents can cooperate with each other, the financial state and resources of both parents, and either person’s relationship with their children. Dads who want to receive more parenting time with their children should be active and involved in their children’s lives and work to create a stable environment for their kids.

Fathers’ Obligations to Support Their Children

A dad who is biologically related to a child may be ordered to pay child support, even if he does not have visitation or custody rights. Georgia law mandates that both the mother and father contribute financially to their children’s upbringing, so when one has custody, the other will often be ordered to pay child support.

Georgia state laws calculate child support based on both parents’ incomes, expenses, and the children’s needs, and a skilled Marietta dads’ rights attorney could help organize such information. Fathers who want to reduce their child support payments may be able to do so by petitioning the court to increase the amount of parenting time they have with their kids.

Property Division

Some courts still prefer to award mothers with the majority of a marital estate, especially if the mother has custody of the children. However, a father is not required to support his former spouse for the rest of their life, and he is not required to pay insurmountable bills on behalf of his former spouse. A Marietta court would seek to divide property equitably during a divorce and may order one or both spouses to seek employment or find a better-paying job to adequately support themselves.

Though it may have been common in the past for men to support their wives long-term after a divorce, the law now requires both parties to earn their fair share and contribute to their own support and the financial support of their children. Though a man may be ordered to pay child support or spousal support to his former wife, an experienced fathers’ rights lawyer in our area may be able to reduce or modify these payments.

Let a Marietta Fathers’ Rights Attorney Help

Many dads in our area still deal with a bias that favors mothers in family law cases. If you are considering filing for divorce, need to respond to divorce paperwork, or want to gain more time with your children, consider scheduling an appointment to speak with a Marietta fathers’ rights lawyer today. Let our team assist you.

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