Divorcing a Narcissist in Marietta

Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is grandiose, untruthful, defensive, and determined to win. Even when a person does not have all the characteristics that could lead to an NPD diagnosis, narcissistic tendencies complicate a divorce.

When you are divorcing a narcissist in Marietta, contact an attorney from our firm with significant experience handling high-conflict divorces. A narcissist will challenge you throughout the process, and their inability to compromise means that your divorce will almost certainly end up in litigation. You need a legal representative who is comfortable fighting for your goals in and out of the courtroom.

Preparing to Divorce a Narcissist

Many people would prefer to have an amicable divorce but that is rarely possible when your spouse is a narcissist. Part of their disorder requires them to demonstrate that they are right, and you are wrong. You must be prepared to withstand their aggression.

The best way to defend yourself is to have documentation supporting all your positions. A judge must divide a couple’s marital property fairly. Ensure you are familiar with your financial position as a couple so that you can detect whether your spouse is manipulating financial information. Your Marietta high-conflict divorce attorney can engage a forensic accountant if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets or underreporting income.

Protecting your children is your most important job when divorcing a narcissist and could also be the hardest. Narcissists are good at winning favor with children and might try to manipulate them against you. Do everything you can to maintain a calm demeanor and peaceful environment and shelter the children from your conflict with your spouse as much as possible. Asking the Georgia courts to appoint a guardian ad litem to advocate for the children’s best interests is one way to ensure the judge gets an objective view of the situation.

Build Your Support System

Your narcissistic spouse is likely to attack you during the divorce, exploiting events or decisions you are not proud of, and lying to make you look bad. You need people and routines you can count on to help you through the ordeal.

Let friends and family members you can depend on know what you are going through. If stress is causing physical or mental health issues, get a medical check-up and consider seeing a counselor or therapist if you do not already. If you can afford to do so, consider giving yourself a break from work to focus on handling domestic issues.

Discuss the divorce process with your Marietta attorney so you know what to expect as the divorce from the narcissist proceeds. Take thorough notes of all contacts with your spouse and anything your spouse says or does that might have an impact on the divorce. Keep copies of voicemail messages, texts, social media posts, and anything else that shows how you and your spouse are conducting yourselves during your divorce.

What to Do If You Ever Feel Threatened

Narcissists frequently use anger and intimidation to get what they want. If you ever feel that your spouse is abusing you emotionally or physically threatening you, take action immediately.

Your Marietta narcissistic divorce attorney can report any abusive behavior to the Georgia family courts. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, the judge might issue a restraining order or just admonish your spouse. In either case, the court will have a record of their conduct which can work in your favor when they decide on property division, child custody, and other issues.

If your spouse has ever been convicted of domestic violence or child abuse, the convictions can have a big impact on the decisions the judge makes. The Official Code of Georgia § 19-9-3(a)(3)(P) requires the judge to consider a parent’s criminal record and allegations of abuse when making custody decisions. Discuss any incidents with your legal representative so that they can ensure the court is aware.

Rely on a Marietta Attorney for Help Divorcing a Narcissist

A divorce is an opportunity for a narcissist to go on a power trip, and many do. You will need strength and support to maintain healthy boundaries and pursue your goals in the divorce.

Divorcing a narcissist in Marietta requires a strong attorney comfortable with high-conflict litigation. With their steadfast support, you can achieve your goals and make a fresh start. Call today.

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