How Can I Improve My Chances for a Successful Social Security Disability Hearing?

Georgia Social Security Disability Hearing
Apr 3, 2019 | Sara Khaki

People often have to wait a long time to hear if their Social Security Disability benefits application was approved or denied. Upon denial, which happens often, a person may have to wait over a year for their Social Security Disability hearing. All this waiting is frustrating, particularly if it only ends up with another denial.

However, two-thirds of these appeals end in approval. By following the tips listed below, a person can work towards giving themselves the best chance of a positive outcome for their Social Security Disability hearing.

Work with an Attorney

An attorney or a hearing claims advocate is a person’s best chance of obtaining a positive outcome in a hearing. Social Security Disability lawyers are incredibly familiar with the process and understand what judges are looking for. They can prep individuals on the questions they are going to ask. An advocate will also know the rights a person has at these hearings and can make sure those rights are upheld in court.

Be There, and Be Prompt

There is little that will hurt an individual’s chance of a successful hearing more than failing to show up or being late. Arriving late will give the judge the impression that a person does not respect the court’s time, as will failing to appear. In cases of emergency, it is possible to get a hearing rescheduled, but only if a person had an excellent reason for not showing up.

Dress Appropriately

It is important to remember that a Social Security Disability hearing takes place in a courtroom. As such, it is essential to dress appropriately. This generally means dressing for a business setting.

Know the Case and Everything About the Medical Condition

Having an advocate at the hearing will undoubtedly help, but they do not know the medical condition as well as those suffering from it. Anyone attending a hearing in the hopes of it being a success must fully understand their condition and everything about their case. This will ensure nothing is left out of the application and can strengthen credibility with the administrative law judge.

Speak Truthfully About the Disability

It is important for an applicant to be clear about the effects a disability has on their life. The judge wants to hear everything about the disability. Failing to give them this information could result in denial simply because the judge does not believe the disability is that serious.

Likewise, it is important not to exaggerate the condition or symptoms, either. Vocational experts are regularly in attendance and can refute claims they know are not true. Exaggerations are seen as lies by the court, and this will significantly reduce a person’s credibility in the eyes of a judge.

Discuss Improving Chances for a Successful Social Security Disability Hearing

Social Security disability hearings are intimidating for many, particularly when the outcome will determine much of a person’s financial future. However, following these tips can increase the chance of a successful outcome. Call a social security disability law firm to learn more.

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