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The monthly benefits awarded in a successful Social Security claim can make a substantial difference in a disabled worker’s life. However, the laws that govern these claims are far more complex than most people realize. As a result, many people who file applications receive denials and are often unsure about whether their claim has failed and what steps could help move their case forward.

A Hall County Social Security lawyer from our team can offer professional and informed insight on the disability claims process. One of our disability attorneys can also help prepare appeals, compile paperwork that the Social Security Administration (SSA) requests, and even prepare you to present your case to a judge.

Benefits of Working with a Lawyer after Receiving a Social Security Denial

It is an unfortunate fact that most applicants for Social Security benefits are met with denial letters. This is because the SSA’s standards for income and asset limits, medically identifiable conditions, and work credit requirements are very strict. If an application does not satisfy the eligibility requirements (technical and otherwise) for Social Security benefits, it will be denied.

Fortunately, a denial does not mean the end of a disability claim. Anyone who receives a denial from the SSA has 60 days to file an appeal. An initial appeal is an opportunity to update the information you included in your first application. If the SSA asks for supplemental information, we can advise you on how to gather additional evidence to support your disability claim, such as:

One of our Hall County attorneys can help you file an initial Social Security appeal.

Providing Legal Assistance with a Claim

Before you begin seeking benefits through Social Security, it is vital to have a firm understanding of what you need to prove for each type of benefit program. For example, applicants must show that they are unable to maintain a full-time job due to a medical condition to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). They must also establish a sufficient record of work credits earned before the onset of their disability.

Alternatively, qualifying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) requires you to prove that your disposable income and sellable assets fall below the SSA’s needs-based threshold. A disability lawyer in Hall County can explain the procedures for either type of Social Security claim and assist you in proving your eligibility.

Let a Hall County Social Security Attorney Assist in Your Case

The legal process for receiving SSI or SSDI benefits can be complicated and lengthy. In fact, many people do not receive disability benefits for years after filing an initial application. Even so, this process may be necessary to bring you the compensation you’re entitled to.

Working with a disability attorney can help to lessen the stress and complexity of your case. A Hall County Social Security lawyer at our firm can explain the appeals process, assist with the completion of supplementary paperwork, gather evidence from medical professionals, and offer insight on how to effectively present your case before an Administrative Law Judge at a hearing. Let our team help you pursue the benefits you deserve.

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