Divorcing a Narcissist in Fulton County

Divorcing a narcissist is different from divorcing a person who does not have narcissistic qualities. No matter how hard you try to keep the process amicable, the narcissistic spouse will not allow it.

Narcissists tend to have high-conflict divorces, and not all lawyers are comfortable fighting in court. You need an aggressive divorce attorney to represent you when divorcing a narcissist in Fulton County. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about how we can help.

Behaviors That Can Disrupt Your Divorce

Divorce is never easy or stress-free. Ideally, the spouses work together to reach a fair settlement they can both live with. If they are parents, the spouses cooperate to make the transition as easy on the children as possible.

When one of the parents is a narcissist, the process is very different. Narcissists must be right, they must win, and they have little or no empathy. Compromising to be fair to the other spouse or to help the children’s adjustment is impossible for them.

Narcissists must be in control, and they will delay, deceive, and manipulate to maintain their sense of power. These behaviors could involve gaslighting, cutting you off financially, or trying to turn your children against you. A Fulton County narcissistic divorce attorney will respond aggressively to these attempts, but it is best to be prepared to deal with the narcissist’s conduct.

Preparation Can Limit the Narcissist’s Power

It is critical to set emotions aside and behave strategically when divorcing a narcissist. Delays are one of their favorite tactics, so assume it could be a year or more between filing for divorce and actually receiving a property settlement and custody order.

Try to ensure you will have access to enough money during your divorce. The court will issue orders preventing you or your spouse from selling or wasting marital property and may require your spouse to pay temporary alimony, but narcissists often defy court orders. Put a few month’s expenses aside if you can, or confide in friends or family members who could provide temporary financial help.

Dealing with your children can be tricky. They need your support during this transition, and badmouthing their narcissistic parent will make their adjustment harder, so avoid doing it. However, the narcissistic parent is likely to use the children as pawns or try to alienate them against you. Be prepared for this and speak with your Fulton County high-conflict divorce attorney immediately if it happens.

Safeguard Yourself Physically and Emotionally

Not all narcissists are physically violent, but some are. Even if physical violence has not been present in your relationship, the disorientation the narcissist feels at losing control over you might cause them to get physical.

If your spouse assaults you, contact the police. Do not allow physical violence or the threat of it slide. If your narcissistic spouse threatens you over the phone, via text, or through a third party, record or keep notes of the incident or threat and report it to your Fulton County attorney immediately. They can arrange a Temporary Protective Order preventing your spouse from harassing you or coming within a specific distance of you and your children.

Even when your narcissistic spouse is not making physical threats, setting firm boundaries is critical to avoid emotional abuse and manipulation. Decide what rules you want to set around communication and enforce them. Do not allow your spouse to show up at your home, work, or the children’s school without prior notice. Think about how your spouse has tried to control you in the past and develop a strategy to protect yourself.

Consult an Experienced Fulton County Attorney When Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorcing a narcissist in Fulton County is not easy, but getting free of a controlling and manipulative spouse is worth the effort. Be prepared, set firm boundaries, and rely on your family law attorney to protect you and your best interests.

Work with a firm of experienced litigators who know how to handle a high-conflict divorce. Call the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today to set up a free initial consultation with a member of the team.

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