You may be able to ask the court to modify your current child support order if circumstances in your family have changed significantly. A seasoned child support attorney can review your case and help you decide how to proceed.

The law on child support modifications is not always clear, and a judge’s decision on these issues can have a substantial impact on your family’s future. A Fulton County child support modification lawyer can provide valuable advice and advocate for your children’s needs in court.

Grounds for Adjusting Child Support

Fulton County courts are not always eager to alter previously issued orders. However, a family’s situation can change after the entry of a child support order, and the law recognizes that adjustments may be necessary for some families. A parent can request a review of child support orders for several reasons, including:

  • Losing their job or experiencing an involuntary loss of income;
  • The other parent earning more money than contemplated by the previous order;
  • Changes in their children’s financial needs; and
  • The other parent’s failure to adhere to the visitation schedule.

For most cases, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-6-15(k) requires child support modifications to be preceded by a material change in circumstances and limits alteration requests to once every two years. However, exceptions exist for when a parent loses their job, for example. A Fulton County child support review attorney can help a parent determine if their circumstances qualify for a modification.

Litigating a Child Support Modification Case

If parents cannot agree upon a new child support amount, a judge will make the decision for them. Litigating a child support modification case involves a complex process that can have a lasting impact on a family’s finances.

A parent must present evidence of changes to their income, financial needs, or visitation. Detailed financial documents or records of a non-custodial parent missing or taking extra visitation can help prove a case, but it is important to comply with legal procedures when presenting this evidence. Experienced legal counsel could help a parent present a strong claim and adhere to the rules of testimony.

Potential Outcomes of Modifying Child Support

If a parent proves that a change to child support is appropriate, the court will grant their request. The courts will review the evidence presented, such as changes to income or visitation, and issue an updated child support order. If a judge does not find that a modification is warranted, they will deny the petition.

A judge may require the opposing party to pay certain expenses like attorney’s fees and court costs to the other parent. A child support adjustment lawyer in Fulton County can fight for an outcome that will serve your family’s needs.

A Fulton County Child Support Modification Attorney Can Help

If you believe that an adjustment to child support would be in the best interest of your kids, legal counsel from the Atlanta Divorce Law Group can assist you. Strong evidence and an understanding of important procedural and evidentiary rules may be vital for your case.

A Fulton County child support modification lawyer can prepare a convincing argument on your behalf, so reach out to our intake team today for an initial consultation.

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