Forsyth County Restraining Order Lawyer

Stalking, harassment, and abuse are dangerous behaviors that typically worsen over time. If you have been subjected to this kind of misconduct, a restraining order could help.

Holding an abuser accountable and drafting a legally binding protection order with the assistance of a seasoned family violence attorney can help ensure your safety. A steadfast Forsyth County restraining order lawyer can help you prevent future abuse by advocating for your urgent needs in court.

Protection from Family Violence

A restraining order may be granted in cases of family violence and might prohibit a perpetrator from harassing or interfering with the victim and committing any acts of violence toward them. A protection order may also require an abuser to make support payments to their victim and receive psychological services to prevent future misconduct.

Restraining orders can also temporarily award custody or visitation of any minor children that a perpetrator shares with their victim. It is advisable to consult an experienced Forsyth County restraining order attorney when deciding what kinds of arrangements may be beneficial for a vulnerable family.

What Are Temporary Restraining Orders?

A person experiencing family violence can seek immediate relief under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-13-3 by filing a petition which shows that abuse occurred and is likely to occur again. A judge may issue a temporary restraining order without giving the opposing party a chance to respond in particularly urgent cases. These orders offer those experiencing abuse an opportunity to get immediate protection.

Extending an Order

A temporary restraining order in a case of family violence may be active up to 30 days, and a judge must conduct a hearing before it expires for it to last longer. A perpetrator may appear at the hearing to respond to allegations of abuse.

The person filing a restraining order must prove by a preponderance of evidence that their allegations are true. The court may then extend a protection order for up to three years or make it permanent. Confronting an abuser in court is not an easy task, but a compassionate attorney can empower survivors to fight for their safety.

What Are the Consequences for Violating a Restraining Order?

The consequences for violating one of these orders, whether temporary or permanent, is contempt of court. While some restraining order violations are crimes, most are misdemeanors. Although, some circumstances may warrant felonious charges. A protected party can call the police for help when a restraining order violation occurs, which could ultimately result in the perpetrator’s arrest.

Other Types of Protection Orders

A person may also file a restraining order if they are being stalked or harassed regardless of whether they have a familial connection to the abuser. O.C.G.A. §16-5-90 allows a claimant to request a protection order for ongoing stalking, unwanted contact, intimidation, or harassment. A diligent restraining order lawyer in Forsyth County can help a victim of abuse understand relevant legislation and discern which protection option would best suit their needs.

Get Help from a Forsyth County Restraining Order Attorney Today

A restraining order may discourage a perpetrator from exhibiting threatening behaviors and can offer police more options for preserving your safety. Fortunately, a Forsyth County restraining order lawyer can help you advocate for the protection you need. Call today to speak with our intake team about how you can move forward.

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