Cobb County High-Asset Divorce Lawyer 

If you are facing a high-asset divorce, you can benefit from taking immediate legal action to protect your property rights. A knowledgeable divorce attorney from our firm can ensure that all of your high-value assets are accounted for upon the dissolution of your marriage.

Not only is the potential financial impact significant in a high-asset divorce, but these cases frequently involve more complex evidence and legal procedures than other divorces. An experienced Cobb County high-asset divorce lawyer can provide valuable advice and stand up for your rights in court.

Complex Issues in High-Asset Divorces

Every divorce has the potential to become bitter, but certain complex issues which are more common in high-asset divorces tend to make them more contentious. For example, many high-value divorces in our area involve:

  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • Business ownership interests;
  • Livestock or antiques;
  • Stocks and investments;
  • Large retirement accounts;
  • Property owned in other states or countries; and
  • Credit cards.

Many high-net worth spouses are unable to reach an agreement on property rights and instead hire an expert to assess and testify about an asset’s value. A Cobb County attorney can help develop a beneficial strategy for protecting your property rights during a high-asset divorce.

Classifying Marital and Separate Property

In most cases, one or both spouses own significant assets which were acquired prior to marriage. According to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-3-9, the separate property of each spouse remains under sole ownership after marriage. This means that the local family court will not distribute a spouse’s separate property during a high-asset divorce.

How Does Marietta Law Define Separate Property?

Separate property is anything owned before marriage and kept continuously separate but can also include assets acquired by gift or inheritance. However, spouses sometimes disagree on whether a particular asset should be considered separate. This can become especially challenging if the property was commingled or increased in value during the marriage.

What Counts as Marital Property?

Marital assets, on the other hand, is any property acquired by either spouse during the course of their marriage. This includes income, the marital home, a family car, business interests, returns on investments, and any pieces of real property purchased after marriage. These assets would be subject to division upon divorce or separation.

Proving whether a high-value asset is separate or marital involves reviewing years’ worth of financial records and attending court hearings. A lawyer in Cobb County can help you assert your property rights in court during a high-net worth divorce.

Including All High-Net Worth Assets in the Divorce

The court cannot equitably distribute property to each spouse if some assets are hidden or missing. Spouses must provide each other with financial disclosures and other requested information to ensure that neither party hides or forgets any assets. In high-net worth divorce cases, a person may face more difficulty when investigating whether their spouse has concealed funds or assets.

High volumes of financial records, complex tax returns, owned businesses, and unusual property may sometimes make it easier for a person to hide or simply overlook assets. A high-worth divorce lawyer in Cobb County can assist with reviewing financial documents, questioning the opposing party, and hiring a forensic accountant so the court can include all assets in its final property award.

Let a Cobb County High-Asset Divorce Attorney Help

Complex legal and financial evidence can make a high-asset divorce feel overwhelming, especially when valuable property is at stake. Experienced legal counsel can offer the advice and resources you need to fight for your property rights. Let a Cobb County high-asset divorce lawyer from our team work to secure your future. Call our intake team today to schedule a consultation.

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