Benefits of Hiring a Buckhead SSDI Lawyer

Those who apply for SSDI benefits on their own are often unsuccessful. One of the most significant benefits of hiring a Buckhead SSDI lawyer is a higher likelihood of success on your claim. Having a strong legal advocate to assemble your application can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your claim.

A local hearing claims advocate who regularly handles cases involving applications for SSDI benefits has experience in navigating this complicated process. Legal counsel would be more familiar with how to present your medical information most effectively, so consider retaining a seasoned SSDI attorney.

Understanding the Technical Aspects of SSDI Claims

Many claimants see their initial SSDI claims denied for failure to comply with certain technical requirements of the application process. For instance, applicants may fail to fill out a specific form, or the Social Security Administration (SSA) may not receive the information they need from a treating physician before considering the claim. Simple mistakes could lead the SSA to deny an application without ever really considering the claimant’s medical condition.

An important benefit of hiring an SSDI lawyer in Buckhead is ensuring that the SSA considers all relevant evidence before making a decision. By having an experienced disability representative to handle all the details related to a claim, applicants have a better chance for success.

Meeting Legal Deadlines

Those whose SSDI claims are denied have a right to appeal the SSA’s decision. During various stages of the appellate process, applicants face several 60-day deadlines for requesting a review. Claimants who fail to meet these deadlines may be unable to pursue an appeal at all.

Missing a legal deadline for filing an appeal could mean having to reapply for benefits and start the lengthy process all over again. Appeals can take months or even years, so any delay in the process could be highly detrimental to a claim for benefits. For this reason, it is advisable to seek professional guidance from an experienced Social Security disability law firm before beginning an appeal.

Legal Representation During the Appeals Process

The SSA typically denies many applications for SSDI benefits. As a result, many individuals go through an extensive appeals process that involves several distinct levels of review.
The third review takes place in front of an attorney hired by the SSA to act as an administrative law judge. Their role is to consider all the evidence provided by SSA and review any new or updated medical evidence that applicants have to offer.

A skilled advocate for the disabled can prepare claimants for hearings by asking them questions and encouraging them to speak freely about their medical histories. Applicants may feel more at ease during the hearing process if they know what to expect. They also may be more forthcoming and able to fully explain their medical problems and the impact that their health has on their everyday activities.

Learn More About the Benefits of Hiring a Buckhead SSDI Attorney

Legal advice from a qualified professional is more likely to lead to a positive outcome in your case. The benefits of hiring a Buckhead SSDI lawyer cannot be understated, and you can ensure compliance with all the technical rules and regulations associated with the claims and appeals processes. To learn more about how an experienced disability attorney can help, call our team today.

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