Buckhead SSDI Claims

The Social Security Disability Insurance program provides income payments for employees in Buckhead who suffer from long-term disabilities that render them unable to continue working. Family members may also be entitled to receive SSDI benefits.

Applications for SSDI benefits are scrutinized very carefully by the Social Security Administration (SSA), the agency that administers the program. As a result, Buckhead SSDI claims can be complicated, and many applicants seek assistance from a hearing claims advocate who understands the SSDI claims process.

Eligibility for SSDI

Before filing a Buckhead SSDI claim for benefits, it is a good idea to review the eligibility requirements and collect the information needed to apply. To receive SSDI benefits, a worker must have paid Social Security taxes for a certain number of years. The number varies according to the age at the onset of the disability.

Also, a worker must suffer from a disabling medical condition that prevents them from working at any type of gainful employment for at least a year. Medical records, statements from doctors, test results, and other evidence will be needed to prove that the disability meets the agency’s standards.

How Are SSDI Claims in Buckhead Filed?

Many applicants in Buckhead can file an SSDI online. Applicants may also file a claim over the phone or in-person at an SSA field office.

To succeed, Buckhead SSDI claims will need to include extensive documentation and persuasive evidence. The SSA will review the claim to ascertain whether the medical condition at issue is of sufficient duration and severity to prevent an applicant from completing job-related duties such as standing, lifting, reading, and concentrating. The agency will consider not only the types of work the applicant has performed in the past but other jobs that applicant may be qualified to do.

What Happens When a Buckhead SSDI Claim is Denied?

The SSA frequently denies initial SSDI claims in Buckhead. A denial does not necessarily indicate that an applicant is not qualified to receive benefits. Rather, a claim may be denied because the applicant failed to submit enough evidence to prove those qualifications.

Many applicants work with an experienced social security disability law firm to ensure the right documentation is included to satisfy agency requirements. If the SSA denies a claim, the applicant has four opportunities to appeal the decision and obtain benefits.

Appealing SSDI Claims

The first step when appealing denial of Buckhead SSDI claims is to seek a reconsideration. At this stage, agency staff will review the initial decision and may consider additional evidence.

If the claim is still denied after reconsideration, an applicant may request an administrative hearing before a judge. The hearing provides the last opportunity to present new evidence in most cases. Hearing results may also be appealed by requesting a review from the SSA Appeals Council. Finally, if an applicant exhausts all administrative remedies, they may appeal the decision to federal court.

Seeking Help with Buckhead SSDI Claims

SSDI benefits can provide much-needed income for disabled employees and their families. However, it can be challenging to prove to the SSA that you qualify to receive benefits.

An experienced hearing claims advocate could assist with Buckhead SSDI claims at any stage in the process, from determining eligibility to filing a federal court appeal. Assistance from an advocate can be especially helpful in making a persuasive showing of disability both in written documents and during a hearing. For more information or help with an SSDI claim, consider contacting a knowledgeable social security disability law firm.

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