Buckhead Child Custody Modification Lawyer

If your circumstances have changed significantly since drafting your current parenting plan, you may request a modification to your custody order to better fit your family’s new needs. A steadfast child custody attorney can help you request the appropriate modifications for your situation.

There are limitations on when modification can be made, and a parent asking for a change to their custody plan must adhere to specific legal procedures. A seasoned Buckhead child custody modification lawyer can help you file the correct paperwork, meet important legal deadlines, and represent you in court.

Changing Visitation Orders

In some cases, a visitation or parenting schedule dictates how much time either parent has with their shared children. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-9-3(b) gives both parents the right to ask the courts to change this schedule upon a material change in either of their circumstances. Otherwise, a parent can request an alteration to visitation every two years without proving a qualifying change in circumstances.

However, the petitioner may need to propose a new parenting plan that will be better for their children. A Buckhead child custody adjustments attorney can help you draft an updated parenting schedule and present it to a judge on your behalf.

Material Change in Circumstances

A parent can ask for a change in custody if their current order is no longer in their children’s best interests. Those seeking significant modifications must present convincing evidence that the changes promote their kids’ best interests. A variety of situations may constitute a material change in circumstances, and the courts review these cases on an individual basis to determine whether a custody modification is warranted.

Examples of qualifying circumstances include a custodial parent becoming unfit to care for their children as well as a child over the age of 14 requesting to live with their noncustodial parent, under O.C.G.A. §19-9-3(a)(5). A custodial parent who relocates out of state with or without their children may also warrant a material change in circumstances.

A parent seeking to make alterations to their legally binding parenting plan can benefit from speaking with a qualified Buckhead lawyer about whether sufficient grounds for child custody modifications are present in their case.

Alterations for Military Deployments

Exceptions outlined in O.C.G.A. §19-9-3(i) allow a military parent to make child custody modifications according to their deployment schedule. While a judge cannot make permanent modifications for service-related travel, they may address temporary custody changes in preparation for a parent’s deployment on an expedited basis. A dedicated child custody alteration lawyer in Buckhead can provide valuable advice to a parent seeking to make modifications based on their military obligations.

Let a Buckhead Child Custody Modification Attorney Help Your Family

Parenting plans can have a considerable impact on familial relationships and the welfare of children. Knowledgeable legal counsel can explain your options for modifying your custody order and offer professional guidance during the process.

A skilled Buckhead child custody modification lawyer can help you pursue a parenting plan that is best for your family. Contact our intake team today to learn about how you can advocate for your family.

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