What is the Role of OHO in the SSD Claims Process?

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Sep 21, 2020 | Sara Khaki

The Office Hearings Operations also known as OHO,  is a department of the Social Security Administration (SSA). OHO manages and oversees the scheduling of disability hearings for people who are appealing a denied Social Security disability claim.

How Can I Appeal the SSA’s Decision on My Disability Claim?

There are several ways to appeal a denied application for disability benefits. One way is to simply ask for a reconsideration by SSA staff members. This involves a complete review by a medical examiner who was not part of the initial decision. During the reconsideration, the agency will look at the documentation that was used to make the original decision, in addition to any new evidence provided in support of your disability claim.

You can also request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to appeal the SSA’s decision on your eligibility for benefits. You may choose between in-person and video hearings. Video hearings and in-person hearings are virtually the same, as OHO is committed to being flexible to meet applicants’ needs.

According to the Appeal Process document created by the SSA, the easiest and fastest way to appeal a denial is by visiting the agency’s website and filing online. This would require uploading documents electronically in support of your appeal. There is also an option to call the SSA and ask for an appeal form (Form SSA-561).

OHO gives applicants 60 days after receiving a denial letter to request an appeal. After submitting an appeal, it may take a few months or over a year to receive a hearing date due to the backlog of claims the SSA is currently experiencing. In the State of Georgia, The Social Security Administration manages six different  OHO offices located in Savannah, Macon, Covington, Augusta, North Atlanta, and downtown Atlanta. The average wait time for a Social Security disability hearing is 12.1 months, and the average case processing time is 451 days in Georgia.

Learn More about ODAR by Calling an Attorney

The Khaki Law Firm provides legal assistance to disabled individuals and their families throughout the State of Georgia. Our team is familiar with OHO and its administrative duties, and we can help you throughout the appeals process for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Let our Social Security disability law firm assist you in your pursuit for SSD benefits.

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