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Aug 3, 2023 | Content

A big part of being a parent is teaching our kids the morals, values, and ethics they should live by. This can be intimidating, but one easy way to do it is by volunteering side-by-side with your children!

Working together for a good cause lets you show your kids how lucky they are and how important it is to help their friends and neighbors. That said, finding volunteer opportunities for kids can be tricky. Where can they go to learn important life lessons and do meaningful work at the same time? To help you get started, we compiled a short list of four local spots here in Atlanta that will welcome help from your whole family.

Nicholas House

Nicholas House (Nicholashouse.org) is a nonprofit organization that is part homeless center and part education hub. Its programs help families find housing and teach them self-sufficiency. There are multiple ways for adults to volunteer at Nicholas House, but they welcome kids too! Band together with other parents and host a “playdate” where your kids can tackle a project for the nonprofit and learn more about its mission.

North Fulton Community Charities

North Fulton Community Charities (NFCCHelp.org) is a wide-reaching charity that offers food, clothes, emergency funds, and life skills training to families in North Fulton through its food pantry, thrift shop, and other programs. Kids 13 and up can volunteer on-site, while younger kids can pitch in through home projects. Help your kids pack toiletry bags, put together diapers and wipe bundles, or do “Chores for Charity,” like cleaning out a closet and donating extra clothes to the NFCC thrift shop.

Helping Mamas

Helping Mamas (HelpingMamas.org) provides period products, diapers, and other baby items to moms and kids in need. Their work has saved thousands of children from diaper rash and helped hundreds of teen girls stay in school. The nonprofit assists more than 60,000 kids annually. Your family can contribute by dropping off donations or “inventorying donations, sorting clothing and baby supplies, and wrapping diapers” in the warehouse, which welcomes kids aged five and up.

Meals by Grace

The Atlanta Divorce Law Group’s founder, Sara Khaki, and her family recently volunteered at Meals by Grace (MealsbyGrace.org), helping feed the hungry. Check out our April newsletter to read about their experience!

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At our firm, we prioritize putting family first. We hope you find this list of local spots you and your family can volunteer together helpful. For more information or help with family legal matters, contact the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today.

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