Is My Spouse Cheating?

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Sep 27, 2023 | Content

Trust is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. If you are asking yourself, “Is my spouse cheating on me?” then it is likely that the trust in your relationship has been compromised in some way.

While there may be innocent explanations for why your spouse is behaving suspiciously, relationship experts say that some signs could indicate an unfaithful partner. These factors alone may not “prove” cheating, but they could warrant additional conversations with your partner or, depending on the state of your relationship, with a divorce attorney.

Signs a Spouse May Be Cheating

Infidelity can have both emotional and physical indications. In a paper published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, psychologists examined some common signs that a person is being unfaithful to their spouse, and a private investigator shed further light on these signs in an article for the Independent.

Emotional signs a partner may be cheating on their spouse include:

  • Getting caught in obvious lies;
  • Becoming more argumentative with their spouse, as if looking for reasons to fight and blame them for their unhappiness;
  • Avoiding conversations about the potential affair partner or becoming anxious when that person is mentioned;
  • Feeling apathetic about their partner, which may include communicating with them less frequently than they used to or no longer saying “I love you.”

Physical signs that a spouse may be cheating include:

  • Avoiding sex with their spouse or seeming less engaged when they do have intimate relations;
  • Making sudden changes to their lifestyle or appearance, such as dressing differently or getting into better shape;
  • Altering their schedule, such as staying out later or taking more business trips than usual;
  • Becoming more secretive and protective of their phones, finances, and personal spaces.

Unfaithful spouses may also become unnecessarily defensive. As guilt weighs on them, cheating partners may ask if their spouse is accusing them of having an affair during an unrelated argument or may begin projecting by accusing their spouse of having an affair of their own.

Emotional Cheating vs. Physical Cheating

When many people think of infidelity, they primarily think of the physical elements of cheating. However, emotional affairs can be just as damaging to a relationship.

The Journal of International Women’s Studies explains that emotional infidelity occurs when one person in a monogamous relationship forms a deep emotional connection with someone other than their partner, often to the extent that the unfaithful partner will invest more of their love and emotional resources into that person instead of their spouse. While emotional cheating can often lead to physical infidelity, the impacts of the emotional affair alone can be devastating to a committed relationship.

Another study found that most people find it easier to articulate actions that count as “physical infidelity” than those that count as “emotional infidelity.” Physical infidelity is typically seen as intimate physical contact with someone other than the person’s spouse, ranging from kissing to having sex. Emotional infidelity had more varied responses, including the amount of time the unfaithful spouse spent talking to and confiding in their affair partner instead of their spouse and saying “I love you” to someone else.

Talk To Our Team About Your Options If You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating

Ultimately, each relationship is different, and what crosses a line for one person may be fine with another. Determining if your spouse’s actions cross a boundary for you or your relationship is up to you.

If you are suspicious that your spouse is cheating, you may be considering ending your marriage. You can talk to a family law attorney to learn more about your options to help you decide which steps to take. These conversations can benefit you even if you are not sure yet whether you want to divorce.

Divorce laws vary between states, so you need a lawyer who understands the courts in your location. Our team can help you navigate these issues so you and your family can stay as protected as possible. Call the Atlanta Divorce Law Group today to learn more.

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