Can I Get a Divorce in Georgia if I Was Married in Another State?

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Aug 18, 2022 | Sara Khaki

It is not uncommon for couples or families to relocate throughout the years. If you were married in another state and are facing a dissolution of marriage, you might wonder how your divorce will be handled here in Georgia. Fortunately, you do not need to return to the state where you and your partner were married to finalize your separation. If you are ready to start the divorce process, contact our firm today to find out how to begin working with one of our skilled attorneys.

Is My Marriage License Valid in Other States?

Most marriage licenses issued in one state are recognized throughout the country. However, there are some instances where they might not have the same legal validity in another area. This is because each state has rules for determining who can marry and under what circumstances. These state-level requirements are knowns as celebration laws.

Discrepancies regarding marriage validity between different states were more prominent in the past and centered around issues like same-sex marriages and marriages involving minors or members of the same family. Today conditions are more aligned, meaning a marriage from another state would typically be valid in Georgia. It is important to note that the dissolution of that marriage would be processed under Georgia courts’ rules and regulations and not those of the state of union.

Filing for Divorce in Georgia

Filing for divorce usually starts with petitioning your county’s Clerk of the Superior Court. You should be eligible to file for a divorce in Georgia if:

  • You have always lived in Georgia but got married across state lines on vacation;
  • You have lived in Georgia for over six months prior to filing for divorce;
  • Your spouse has lived in Georgia for over six months.

Many factors could contribute to how a divorce is handled in Georgia if you were not married here. Seeking the guidance of knowledgeable legal counsel is best to ensure you are aware of any requirements that could affect the process.

Contact an Attorney for Advice on How Your Out of State Divorce Will be Handled in Georgia

Divorce can be challenging for someone to handle alone, even without added factors such as a change of location. Contact our firm if you were married in another state and are considering getting a divorce but are unsure of how it will be processed here in Georgia.

The thorough team at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group can work to protect your rights and guide you through the critical steps to take along the way.

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