Breakdown of Fulton County’s Fall School Plans

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Sep 23, 2020 | Sara Khaki

The Fulton County School System released information this week on how the fall semester will proceed for schools in the county. The update details when in-person classes will resume, additional precautions for fall sports, and how the school district plans to slowly work toward full in-person attendance.

With these changes in mind, it may also be a good time for you to revisit your existing child custody arrangement to make sure it accommodates the coming school year. Whether you would like to amend an existing agreement or draft a new child custody plan, our team at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group can help.

When Will in-Person Classes Resume?

Some of the most recent data shows that the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Fulton County is decreasing, so the district is planning to skip over Phase 2 and start implementing Phase 3 into their school reopening plan.

Phase 3 means that 25 percent of students would go to in-person classes starting September 21. Phase 4 would mean half of students attend in-person classes beginning October 5. Fulltime face-to-face instruction will occur on October 14 should the decrease in COVID-19 cases continue in Fulton County.

According to the Sept 9 release of the District News, students will be required to wear face masks and social distance whenever possible. The Fulton County School System is also proposing a K-8 model where students would stay in the same classroom from pre-K through 8th grade to decrease social interactions. This would be strategically applied to specific schools rather than as a district-wide mandate.

The biggest element to this back-to-school plan is that all the phases remain optional to parents and families. Fulton County is asking each family to make their own decision and evaluate whether they want their kids to return to local schools or continue virtual remote learning.

How Will Sports Look in the Fall?

Another noteworthy element to the newsletter from the Fulton County School System is their anticipated plan for sports in the fall. While specific details have not yet been worked out, the district is planning to resume athletic activities sometime during September.

They noted that in-person attendance at these activities will be limited, and anyone who does attend must wear a face mask. Additional precautions will be implemented, such as temperature checks prior to entering the venue and tickets being sold digitally rather than in person. Concessions will be open, but only prepackaged foods will be served. Social distancing will also be observed at all games.

Child Custody in Unprecedented Times

Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to influence everyday life and compromise many parents’ existing custody plans. While this update from the Fulton County School System gives parents a clearer understanding of how their kids may return to school, the plan is not set in stone.

Parents should still prepare for the possibility that schools remain in a hybrid format of part online and part in-person learning. This may involve revisiting your child-sharing plan with your co-parent. If you are unsure about whether pursuing child custody modifications would be in your children’s best interests, talk to an experienced attorney from our team.

We have seen many cases of custody modifications, both in the pre-pandemic world and during the turbulent times of the Coronavirus. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of legal advocates can help you understand your situation given the new information on fall school reopenings. Call us today to discuss your options.

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