How an Atlanta Attorney Can Help Reduce Divorce Costs

During a strategy session, an experienced lawyer from Atlanta Divorce Law Group will create a budget with our client as they discuss the strategy of the case.  This allows our clients to plan accordingly and to know they have a say in the approach of the case as well as the cost.Making sure that their strategy stays within the designed budget as much as possible is part of how an Atlanta attorney can help reduce divorce costs. It is also imperative that they maintain communication with clients to make them aware of what the opposing party is doing and reevaluate the budget based on any changes that may occur due to the opposing party’s actions.

When possible, our team of lawyers will delegate the initial drafting of documents to one of our skilled paralegals.  The attorney will then review and edit the final version before sending it to the client for approval.  This ensures that there are two sets of eyes on relevant documents and promotes legal accuracy. Paralegals’ hourly rates are typically less than attorneys’ which helps reduce fees, but there are certain things which the attorney should always do for a client as opposed to other members of a legal team.

Divorce Settlement Talks

How an Atlanta attorney can help reduce divorce costs during settlement talks involves reviewing and sticking to their goals. For example, they may ask a claimant whether a negotiated number is enough for them, whether it aligns with their ultimate goal, and whether it is something they want to discuss further. Legal counsel can also advise them on when it is strategically beneficial to let things go or when they should keep fighting for something.

Outside Referrals in the Divorce Process

Our team of lawyers may also ask a client ⁠— when it is appropriate ⁠— to talk to a financial planner to help them address the finances that are being discussed in the case as well as to help them budget for the future. While that evaluation would cost them additional money, it often saves our clients more money in the long term.

We also may find it necessary to refer business owners to business lawyers to ensure that their assets are protected during divorce litigation. Having a legal strategy tailored to a claimant’s circumstances is another way an Atlanta attorney can help reduce divorce costs.

Divorce Fee Agreement

A fee agreement outlines the specific work that an attorney will do for a claimant. It typically lists the hourly rates of each employee on the legal team and spells out in detail the billing process. A fee agreement discusses what a client should expect from their legal representation and vice versa.

Attorney Fees During a Divorce

A client would agree to pay a retainer fee to secure the services of a firm and understand that they will then be billed on a regular basis for the services rendered depending on the firm’s billing structure.   While it is impossible to determine the final cost of an entire divorce case before it has concluded, a strategy session allows attorneys to design a budget with the client to forecast the potential cost. How an Atlanta attorney can help reduce divorce costs depends largely on the circumstances of each individual case. Decreasing the cost of a divorce involves a lot of transparency and communication from both parties and their legal teams.

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