Benefits of Hiring an SSDI Lawyer in Atlanta

When someone has a disability that prevents them from working for at least a year or longer, they may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. While it may be tempting to try to handle the process on your own, there are many benefits of hiring an SSDI lawyer in Atlanta if you are thinking about pursuing disability compensation. Our experienced team members can help you build a strong case for approval and ensure that essential details are included in your application for benefits.

Legal Representation at Each Stage of the SSDI Claims Process

A significant benefit of working with an Atlanta lawyer is that you can rest assured that you will receive competent representation at each stage of your SSDI claim. The process of obtaining SSDI benefits is notoriously confusing and complicated, and denials are unfortunately common. Working with an experienced Social Security disability law firm can help increase your chances of gaining approval of your SSDI claim.

One of our team members can help determine whether you qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). We can review treatment records to confirm whether a disability exists that meets the SSA’s criteria for a qualifying impairment.

Whether you need advice on filing a claim for SSDI benefits or with responding to a denial letter, a local attorney can provide unwavering assistance throughout the disability claims process. We can review all available evidence and ensure all required forms are completed promptly. A lawyer can also prepare you for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Collecting Evidence to Build a Strong Claim

Another notable benefit of hiring a lawyer in Atlanta is getting assistance with collecting the evidence needed to build a viable claim for the SSA’s review. The rules and regulations surrounding an award of SSDI benefits are relatively narrow. The crux of these claims is often an applicant’s ability to show that their disability and work history meet the criteria to warrant compensation from the SSA.

Evidence such as medical records, employment records, physician records, financial statements, and other pertinent documents specific to their claim can be the deciding factor in whether the SSA approves or denies the claim. If some information is incorrect or missing from someone’s claim, it can increase their chances of receiving a denial.

Effective Advocacy to Fight Benefits Denials

More often than not, claims for SSDI benefits are denied the first time around. While an attorney can increase your chances of gaining approval on the first try, it may be necessary to appeal a decision by the SSA. An SSDI appeal must be filed within 60 days of receiving a denial.

While it may be possible to win approval at the reconsideration hearing, in some cases, it is necessary to take the case to the federal district court. As such, it is crucial to have an effective legal advocate who is familiar with all phases of the application and appeals processes.

Hire an Atlanta Attorney to Help You Pursue SSDI Benefits

If you have questions about the benefits of hiring an SSDI lawyer in Atlanta, please contact a hearing claims advocate from our firm who is familiar with pursuing disability benefits. Our team can assess your claim and provide honest advice about your case. Schedule a case consultation by calling our intake team today.

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