Common Issues when Determining Alpharetta Child Custody Agreements

Parents want what is best for their children. However, co-parents may have differing views of what that means. Especially when deciding important decisions such as custody and schooling, there are common issues that arise when determining Alpharetta child custody agreements.

However, our well-versed team of attorneys can help guide you through these issues. By working with an experienced team, you can work toward solutions that meet your family’s unique needs.

Common Issues In Alpharetta

There are several common issues that often arise when children are involved in a divorce. The most significant issues are determining the child’s day-to-day schedule and how much time they should spend with each parent.

Another common issue is determining who would make decisions for the children if the parents are unable to agree. For example, issues regarding schooling can become contentious, making it necessary to determine who has the final say.

A final issue that often arises is deciding how different expenses are paid. For example, determining how the costs of various extracurricular activities or medical expenses are divided. Although these issues can be contentious, having plans in place can help avoid further trouble later on.

Avoiding Contention in Determining Child Custody

The best way to avoid unnecessary contention is for the parents to be willing to communicate and be prepared to compromise. Parents in a divorce should choose their battles and pick what they feel the most strongly about.

The more a person can work with their co-parent, the less they are going to need to involve judges in making decisions about their family. If this is difficult, they should consider using a co-parenting counselor. Both parents can sit down with a therapist who talks them through these issues of disagreement and tries to help them come to an agreement.

Another option is using a parent coordinator who could be given the ability to make decisions if the parents are disagreeing. Generally, parent coordinators cannot make significant decisions, but they can help decide minor issues.

Parents should also become knowledgeable about the effects of divorce on children and the advantages and disadvantages of different schedules. One way to do this is to speak with a therapist who is knowledgeable about these situations. Finally, an attorney can be a guide and help parents make decisions that can result in the best outcome for their families.

An Attorney Can Explain Common Issues when Determining Alpharetta Child Custody Agreements

There are several issues that can arise when determining Alpharetta child custody agreements. From deciding where the child will live, to what activities they will be involved in, to what schools they will go to, there are many issues that must be decided that can be hugely contentious.

However, there are dedicated professionals available to help. In addition to a dedicated team of attorneys, parenting counselors and parenting coordinators can help make the process easier. To get the help you need throughout the custody process, call today and speak with a member of the team.

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