Open vs Closed Adoptions in Alpharetta

Deciding whether to file for an open or a closed adoption in Alpharetta is something that you have to consider when you are starting your research. Often, having the guidance of a skilled adoption lawyer can help you to better determine what might be best for you. Most of us who are not incredibly familiar with adoption have heard most about closed adoptions. Closed adoptions were developed in the 1960s when a lot of children were placed for adoption through Catholic services.

Closed adoptions are characterized by the biological parents having absolutely no knowledge about the adoptive families, and vice versa. However, it has been found that closed adoptions are psychologically difficult for kids. Many agencies nowadays won’t even work with adoptive parents who insist on having an entirely closed adoption.

Even now, a lot of people are scared of the idea of open adoption because dealing with the birthparents sounds scary. Can they contact the child? What does it mean for them to know who the family is and where they live? The reality is that it is extremely unusual for there to be issues with the biological family having some information about adoptive parents and vice versa.

Varying Levels of Openness

Typically, if an adoption is going to be entirely closed, it’s at the election of the biological family. However, most agencies will require that if the biological parents want it, that adoptive parents be okay with some level of openness.

For example, adoptive parents may send a letter and photo of the child to the agency once a year, and then the agency forwards the information. This way, maybe no one knows full names or even necessarily the state or city that either party lives in.

There’s also openness to the degree of everybody knowing each other’s full names and potentially having visits. Whether you have an open or a closed adoption and the level of openness you commit to depend on your comfort level.

Benefits of an Open Adoption for Children

Keeping an open line of communication between adoptive and biological parents can benefit children who ask questions about their adoption and birth families. Parents who actively communicate with each other don’t have to say, “I don’t know why you were placed for adoption.” Many adoptive parents are very glad to have that information.

Additionally, if the child ever has any specific questions their parents can’t answer, parents can reach out to the biological mother or father and ask any questions they don’t know the answer to. While closed adoptions still happen in Alpharetta occasionally, the vast majority of adoptions – especially if you’re going through an agency and not through foster care – are open.

Learn More about Closed vs Open Adoptions in Alpharetta from an Attorney

When you are working with an agency or even going through foster care, when there is a child who is available for adoption, or when a pregnant mother plans to place, you will be given a lot of information about that adoption situation and be asked if you even want to be considered. An experienced Alpharetta attorney can help you decide whether a particular adoption situation would be better handled as closed or open. Call our intake team for more insight.

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