How Do You File a TPO?

How do you file a temporary protective order? If you feel that you are need of a temporary protective order, this can be a very frightening time for you, and there are many reasons to seek an order of protection. There could be an act of family violence, a fear that it’s going to happen again, or even a threat of bodily harm. If you do not have the ability or time to seek counsel from an attorney immediately, you can go to the Superior Court of the county in which the perpetrator resides and seek an immediate order of protection. It’s called an ex parte order. There are victim advocates at these courthouses to assist you in getting that first order, but that order is only going to be issued for about 30 days, and then there’s going to be a court date, and that is essential that you have an attorney with you so that you can present your case, so that it’s not dismissed an extended 6 to 12 months. The attorneys at the Atlanta Divorce Law Group are very experienced in this area contact us today if you need a protective order.

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