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What Does Family Mean to Me?

There is no single definition for “family”. They come in all shapes and sizes and are not limited by a blood relationship, proximity, or a shared last name. Rather, a family may be made up of any group of people who provide love and support for each other.


The best outcome to every case is one where the parties are able to arrive at an agreement themselves. I view my job as being one where my primary objective is to assist the client in developing the communication and problem-solving skills necessary to have long-lasting success not only though the divorce process but in the years that follow.


My wife, Nicole, and I as well as our rescue dog, Maggie, live together in Midtown Atlanta. Our extended family lives far away, as Nicole is originally from Canada where her family continues to reside. I am from the Midwest originally where my family continues to reside.


  • Louisiana State University, 1993
    • Juris Doctorate – Graduated in top 20% of my class
  • University of Southern California, 1990
    • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


  • Licensed in GA, MO, KS, and LA
  • Ran a very successful solo practice for over 20 years
  • Frequent author and speaker at various family law seminars
  • Guest on various television and radio programs to discuss family law topics

Professional Recognition

  • Rated “Distinguished. Very high peer review rating in legal ability and ethical standards” by Martindale-Hubbell since 1998.
  • Allen has appeared on numerous television and radio programs to discuss such topics as annulment, same-sex marriage/divorce, and the impact of divorce on children.
  • Allen is a frequent author and presenter at various family law continuing education seminars for National Business Institute.

Reported Cases

  • Cullison v. Thiessen, 51 SW3d 508 (Mo App 2001);
  • Haden v. Riou, 37 SW3d 854 (Mo App 2001);
  • Maciak v. Maciak, 193 SW3d 430 (Mo App 2006);
  • Traxel v Traxel, 295 SW3d 215 (Mo App 2009);
  • In the matter of G.K.S, 452 SW3d 244 (Mo App 2014);
  • Klein v. Klein, 475 SW3d 194 (Mo App 2015);
  • Alport v. Alport, 571 SW3d 680 (Mo App 2019);
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