Sandy Springs SSDI Denial Lawyer 

Employees in Sandy Springs who have worked hard for years and then become disabled often apply for SSDI benefits to help them make ends meet when they are no longer able to work. Almost as often, the Social Security Administration denies their claims for benefits.

However, a denial is not necessarily a final answer, as there are many appeals that a Social Security attorney could help you make during the process. A dedicated Sandy Springs SSDI denial lawyer could know which type of appeal is right for your particular circumstances and how to handle the ensuing process to increase your likelihood of a successful outcome. Work with a skilled SSDI attorney that could advocate for you.

How Does the SSDI Claims Process Work?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSDI program is supposed to provides a “safety net to fall back on” for employees who become disabled and unable to work. According to the SSA, one out of every four 20-year-olds may be disabled before reaching retirement age.

On the agency website, the SSA makes it appear as though it is a simple procedure to apply for SSDI benefits. However, though the application process itself may consist of only a few steps, the documentation needed to support a claim can often be difficult to assemble, especially for someone who is new to the process. That is why SSDI applicants frequently choose to work with a knowledgeable Sandy Springs SSDI denial attorney.

Applicants may file online or make an appointment for an interview either in person at an SSA office near Sandy Springs or over the phone. If the claim is denied after the application is processed, the appeal process begins.

SSDI Denials Can Be Appealed Through Several Steps

A claim denial may go through several stages of appeal before being approved. At the first level, called a reconsideration, SSA staff members who were not involved in the initial decision conduct a review within the agency. These staff members review all the evidence submitted with the original application as well as any additional evidence provided.

An experienced SSDI denial lawyer in Sandy Springs could know how to obtain persuasive evidence for both an initial application and a reconsideration. For instance, claims are often initially denied due to lack of sufficient evidence of medical disability. An applicant must demonstrate a disability that is serious enough to prevent continued employment.

What is Appealing Beyond Reconsideration?

If the reconsideration returns an unfavorable decision, the denial may be appealed by requesworkting an administrative hearing. It is possible to make the request for the hearing online, but the actual hearing itself would take place in a hearing room. It is important to ensure that all necessary evidence is presented at the hearing, because generally any appeals after this would be based on the factual record established at this hearing or earlier.

The next stage in appealing a SSDI denial is to request a review by the SSA Appeals Council. They may decline to review a decision if they feel the judge ruled appropriately. After that, the denial must be appealed to federal district court by filing a lawsuit.

Getting Help from a Sandy Springs SSDI Denials Attorney

Experienced Social Security attorneys know that an SSDI denial is not the end of a claim but merely one stage of the process. While a denial may be appealed many times, it is better to ensure that evidence is properly submitted early on to increase the chances of a successful outcome with fewer appeals.

A skilled Sandy Springs SSDI denial lawyer could help applicants build the best possible case right from the start, or at any stage along the way. To learn how a practiced attorney’s experience could work for you, call today to schedule a meeting with our intake team.

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