Attorney Megan Hoxsey Joins Atlanta Divorce Law Group

Attorney Megan Hoxsey Joins Atlanta Divorce Law Group
Apr 15, 2022 | Sara Khaki

ALPHARETTA, Georgia – Atlanta Divorce Law Group is pleased to announce the addition of Attorney Megan Hoxsey to the divorce and family law firm. Hoxsey, a native of Evanston, Illinois, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Emory University and her Masters of Social Work at Tulane University. She was a John E. Ryan Merit Scholar at the John Marshall Law School in Atlanta before graduating in 2016 with her law degree from the Emory University School of Law on the Dean’s List.

Hoxsey began her legal career with the New Orleans Police Department as a police officer/detective, where she trained the New Orleans Police Department in domestic violence protocols. In 2010, she was named Officer of the Year.

Later, as part of the Atlanta Police Department, Attorney Megan Hoxsey was the first female valedictorian of the Atlanta Police Department’s Police Academy. After spending time as a domestic violence detective, she transitioned into family law, where she knew her background would translate seamlessly with advocating for families in need. Hoxsey has worked with the Atlanta Trial Lawyers Group, Emory University School of Law, the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Georgia, and the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office.

An active Georgia Bar Member, Atlanta Bar Association Member, a contributor to the Domestic Violence Coalition and Domestic Violence Blueprint for Safety protocol for the City of New Orleans and New Orleans Police Department, and a former domestic violence instructor for the New Orleans Police Academy, Hoxsey enjoys being a participating member of the legal community and her new role at Atlanta Divorce Law Group, Happily Ever After Divorce®.

“It’s an honor to work with such an experienced and dedicated group of people who share the same vision of helping people move through divorce and into the next chapter of their lives with their dignity intact and their mind focused on a brighter future. I look forward to contributing to the success of Atlanta Divorce Law Group for many years to come as I apply my own experience in service to our clients,” says Hoxsey. “We’re delighted to welcome Megan to Atlanta Divorce Law Group,” says Sara Khaki, Attorney and Founding Partner. “With her background in law enforcement and domestic violence, Megan brings a unique perspective and valuable experience to the firm. We anticipate even more growth and the ability to serve a greater number of clients with Megan on the team.”

About Atlanta Divorce Law Group

Family law is about helping individuals and families manage the emotional struggles of facing an uncertain future. It’s about the Atlanta Divorce Law Group legal team being human, sensitive, and empathetic to a significant change occurring in their clients’ lives. The Atlanta Divorce Law Group has been founded on a history of helping families through the most challenging times of their lives.

Their holistic approach focuses on the legal and non-legal needs of a client going through a major life transition and sets them apart in this industry. They know that solving the legal issues is a start in the right direction, but they want to ensure their clients land on their feet prepared for the next chapter. The mission of Atlanta Divorce Law Group is to do away with the stigma of divorce by providing secure and happy futures for their clients. In doing so, they believe the rest of their community will begin to see that it can be a healthy event when divorce becomes necessary. Through their Happily Ever After Divorce® philosophy, they will accomplish their mission, one happy client at a time.

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