SSI Application Process in Marietta

Obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can make a substantial difference in maintaining some level of independence after an illness or injury leaves you unable to work. Because of the vital nature of these benefits, it may be important to gain a full understanding of how to obtain them.

SSI benefits are available to those who successfully file an application, but the SSI application process in Marietta can be an intimidating and stressful procedure, as it requires detailed information about different aspects of an applicant’s life. An experienced Social Security claims advocate can help you through every step of the SSI application process, whether that is the initial application, an appeal of a denial, or a judge’s hearing.

Information for an Application

SSI is a benefits program that only distributes payments to people in need based on two main factors, the first of which is an applicant’s medical situation. To meet this standard, you must provide the names, addresses, and of all doctors who have provided care for your conditions, as well as all related treatment dates. You must also be prepared to explain how your medical conditions affect your abilities to perform physical tasks, maintain concentration, or interact with other people.

The second qualifying factor in the Marietta SSI application process considers your monetary resources. SSI is a needs-based program, so only people who are in dire financial situations can qualify for the program. Single applicants can have no more than $2,000 worth of non-exempt assets, and married couples are limited to $3,000 worth of sellable assets.

The SSI Application Process

Obtaining SSI benefits is usually a multi-step process that begins with the submission of an application. However, most of these initial applications are rejected by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Unfortunately, many applicants have medical conditions that are not included in the SSA’s list of impairments and must argue that their conditions are nevertheless severe enough to prevent them from working.

Applicants who receive denials have 60 days to request a formal appeal, the paperwork for which is similar to that of an initial application. However, this appeal should include updated information about your medical treatment.

Unfortunately, such efforts often lead to a second denial from Social Security. Requesting a second appeal would trigger a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge who would examine the application with a fresh perspective and make an independent decision concerning whether an applicant in Marietta should receive SSI benefits. This hearing is often your best chance to receive benefits.

Seek Professional Help Navigating the Marietta SSI Application Process

Obtaining SSI benefits can be a lengthy and frustrating process that leaves you waiting months or even years to receive benefits. A lack of income during such a long period of time can place great strain on your life, so it could be essential to give yourself the best chance for an early approval by working with a knowledgeable disability advocate during the SSI application process in Marietta.

An experienced Social Security disability law firm can help you gather evidence the SSA to check on the status of your claim or file any necessary appeals. Call today for insight on how to get started on your case.

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