Johns Creek Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Child custody agreements could need to be changed for various reasons, as the needs of children can change over time. Johns Creek courts allow for a variety of justifications for altering a parenting plan, based on changes and situations that may impact the lives of divorced parents and their children.

If you are in need of an updated parenting schedule, you can benefit from the guidance of an experienced child custody attorney from our law firm. A Johns Creek child custody modification lawyer can help, so call today to get started.

Types of Child Custody

Official Code of Georgia §19-9-41 makes distinctions between physical custody and legal custody and defines the former as the supervision and physical care of the children. The latter is the right to make important, long-term decisions for the child, although a parent who does not have legal custody of the children may still make decisions for them when they are in their physical custody.

A parent with physical custody of their children is legally permitted to make day-to-day and emergency decisions about meals, recreational activities, bedtime, and first aid in order to promote the children’s wellbeing. Johns Creek courts can also order temporary custody for children, the terms of which may change within a short period of time but must be honored nonetheless.

Modifying a Child Custody Arrangement

O.C.G.A. §19-9-3(b) allows a parent to ask for an order from the court that modifies their current child custody plan. A material change in circumstances might be necessary for a judge to agree to a modification.

Parents requesting an alteration to parenting time may do so only once every two year. As such, it may be important for parents seeking such a change to retain a skilled Johns Creek attorney who can file a request for a modified child custody order on their behalf.

Children’s Wishes

Under O.C.G.A. §19-9-3(a)(5), children aged 14 and older can choose the parent with whom they would prefer to live, but the courts can deny their request if their choice does not adhere to their best interests. Teens 14 and older may request alterations to their primary living situation once every two years.

Children who are at least 11 years old may begin participating in the child custody process and can ask for a temporary change in their parenting plan for a period of six months. A seasoned lawyer in Johns Creek would have experience with modifying parenting plans according to children’s wishes.

Contact a Johns Creek Child Custody Modification Attorney Today

If you are dissatisfied with your current child custody agreement, you might want to consider retaining a knowledgeable member of our team for help and guidance. Parenting plans may need to be altered as circumstances change and children grow, and a Johns Creek child custody modification lawyer can help you with your needs. Call today to schedule an initial intake meeting with our firm and start exploring what options may be available in your circumstances.

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