Mistakes to Avoid after a Gwinnett County SSDI Claim Denial

Filing a claim for SSDI benefits may be a frustrating and confusing process. After the complexities and stresses of the initial filing process for a claim, a case may involve multiple appeals that might stretch for years into the future.

Beyond just gathering all the necessary information for an initial claim, it may be crucial for you to retain this information for the length of your entire case. Any failure to do so could give the Social Security Administration or a judge an excuse to deny your claim.

In the same vein, certain simple missteps during the process might torpedo an appeal for benefits. Remembering and compensating for these mistakes to avoid after a Gwinnett County SSDI claim denial may greatly improve your chances at receiving benefits. Speak to an experienced SSDI attorney to begin your SSDI claim.

Do Not Stop Receiving Medical Treatment

At the core of any SSDI claim is the idea that a significant medical condition prevents the claimant from working. This condition could be either mental or physical in nature but must have lasted at least one year or be reasonably expected to result in death in order to qualify as grounds for SSDI benefits.

An authentic doctors’ record could be the key component of proving the existence of such a condition. Comprehensive records may both demonstrate that the condition exists and that the condition has not significantly improved despite treatment.

If a claimant’s Gwinnett County SSDI claim is denied, and they make the mistake of not continuing to seek treatment, any Social Security officer who examines the case may assume that the condition has improved. This conclusion could lead to the failure of any future appeal.

Be Sure to File the Appeal on Time

Once an applicant receives a denial, they typically have only 60 days to file an appeal. While this time limit may be extended with the successful filing of a form to request an extension, a judge must approve this extension. A lack of approval might mean that the applicant must start their case from scratch.

Any failure to file an SSDI appeal on time may have disastrous consequences. While most successful claims order the payment of benefits from the date that a person claimed disability in an original application, a failure to file a timely appeal could push this date into the future, potentially costing a claimant thousands of dollars. A Gwinnett County SSDI lawyer could help a person file an appeal in a timely manner to avoid any mistakes that may lead to a claim denial.

Do Not Make any Unneeded Lifestyle Changes

An SSDI claim could examine every portion of an applicant’s day-to-day life. To that end, it may be worth remembering that a person is legally disabled if they cannot work for any substantially gainful activity, which in this context could entail performing any job for 30 hours per week.

While some appellants’ conditions may leave them unable to get out of bed or leave the house, others could participate in hobbies or even work part-time. If a person receives a denial of a claim, it might be unwise to attempt to obtain full-time work or even to take up a new hobby while the appeals process is pending or still in motion.

Proof that a claimant has applied for work may demonstrate that they are able to hold a job, and a new hobby could show that their conditions are improving. An experienced attorney could help Gwinnett County claimants understand how changes in lifestyle could negatively affect their SSDI claim, and how to avoid seemingly benign actions that may later prover to be a mistake.

Avoid SSDI Claim Mistakes Following a Gwinnett County Benefits Denial

While receiving a denial for an SSDI claim in Gwinnett County may certainly be disheartening, it could be important to remember that these denials are common. A claimant typically benefits from not taking any impulsive actions and remembering that obtaining these benefits could take a long time.

By continuing with consistent medical treatment, filing any needed appeals in a timely manner, and avoiding any major lifestyle changes, you could give yourself a better chance at future success. Contact an attorney today to learn more about which Mistakes to Avoid after a Gwinnett County SSDI Claim Denial.

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