SSI Benefits in Fulton County

If you suffer from a mental or physical condition that impacts your ability to work, you might qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). While SSI benefits in Fulton County would by no means make you rich, they could form the foundation for financial security.

Our team of skilled Social Security attorneys could help you pursue SSI benefits in Fulton County by explaining the requirements in the application process, potential disqualifying factors, and how to build the application itself. When attempting to recover these benefits, representation from a skilled SSI attorney could be key.

The Benefits of SSI

SSI is a needs-based benefit program for which any citizen or legal alien can apply, but only those who meet strict criteria may receive benefits. Specifically, SSI provides cash assistance to people who are unable to work a full-time job due to a debilitating medical condition.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines a disabled person as having a chronic physical or mental condition that prevents them from partaking in certain activities. Applicants who might meet these medical requirements should speak with our team of experienced lawyers to determine whether they are eligible for SSI benefits in Fulton County.

Benefit Caps

The SSA strictly regulates the maximum benefits that a person can receive under the SSI program, but the monthly benefits change every year and correspond with the cost of living. Currently, the maximum available monthly amounts for each eligible recipient are as follows:

Individually, SSI payments do not amount to much, but qualification for SSI also automatically qualifies an applicant for Medicaid and, in some cases, Medicare. The State and County may also offer benefits to people who are struggling with a disabling condition. Therefore, the full extent of SSI benefits in Fulton County can be significant.

Could an Applicant Receive Less than the Maximum Benefit?

A full SSI payment assumes that the recipient has no other source of income and is intended to be a last-resort income. Some disabled people have other sources of income for at least part of the time that they are disabled, such as:

While applicants in Fulton County who receive income from sources such as these may still qualify for SSI benefits, they would not be able to collect maximum benefits. Applicants seeking full benefits from Social Security must not have any additional income or an excess of sellable assets.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Fulton County SSI Benefits Available to You

Becoming disabled and losing the ability to earn a living places thousands of people every year into a difficult position. Due to circumstances that are out of their control, people may find themselves struggling to make payments, losing their homes, or even going hungry.

The SSI program provides a safety net to these people regardless of their work history or past earnings. As long as a person is left unable to work a full-time job because of a medical condition, they may receive cash payments, enrollment in Medicaid, and other State-level benefits with the help of knowledgeable legal counsel. If you believe that you qualify for SSI benefits in Fulton County, contact our team of  attorneys today to make an appointment and discuss your options.

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