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Adopting a child can be an exciting, life-altering event for many families. However, the process can also be time-consuming and is never guaranteed to be successful. Relying on a dedicated family attorney can improve your chances of success and make the process smoother.

When you are considering adoption, you should not take on the experience on your own. A small mistake could result in a disappointing outcome. Let a Fulton County adoption lawyer assist you in your goal of growing your family.

Adoption Requirements

The law places some limits on who can adopt a minor child. A prospective adoptive parent must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 21 years of age or married and living with their spouse
  • At least 10 years older than the child, unless the adoptive parent is a step-parent or relative of the child
  • A resident of Georgia at the time of the petition for adoption
  • Financially, physically, and mentally able to have permanent custody of the child

Prospective parents must also be willing and able to provide and care for the child who is placed with them and must meet their physical, emotional, medical, psychological, and social needs. Proving this ability requires the applicants to complete a program where they prove their home is suitable for a child. This process involves home visits and interviews with state agencies.

It does not matter if a prospective parent is married or single. However, if they are married, both spouses must qualify and participate in the adoption process. Satisfying the state’s requirements can take preparation and effort. It is best to rely on a Fulton County adoption attorney for guidance before beginning the process.

The Adoption Process

Like most family law issues, adoption must be finalized through a court order. The process starts with the filing of a legal document known as an adoption petition. This petition is filed by the potential parents with the appropriate family court. In addition to the parents, the child must also give their written consent to the adoption if they are over the age of 14.

There are other legal issues that must be addressed before the family court can issue an order of adoption. The most important of these issues is the rights of the biological parents. A child cannot be adopted as long as one or both biological parents retain their parental rights.

In general, parents that give up their child for adoption must surrender their legal rights before the process can move forward. This is voluntary in cases where parents decide to give up their child but can be involuntary when the state determines a parent is unfit to care for a minor child. A Fulton County attorney can help prospective parents better understand the nuanced laws surrounding adoption.

Talk to a Fulton County Adoption Attorney Today

Adoption can be one of the most rewarding things a family can do, but that does not mean the process is simple. It can take time to pursue adoption, and the process can be complicated. Let our team help give you the best chance at a smooth journey and a positive outcome.

Reach out to a Fulton County adoption lawyer from the Atlanta Divorce Law Group as soon as possible to get started. A qualified team member is ready to provide you with a free consultation.

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