Social Security Disability Insurance, also referred to as SSDI, is a form of government benefits for disabled workers. These monetary benefits are designed to replace a disabled worker’s income. For many families in Forsyth County and elsewhere, SSDI benefits are a necessary source of income. Unfortunately, SSDI claims are routinely denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

If you applied for SSDI benefits but received a denial letter from the SSA, the right disability representative can keep your claim moving forward and help ensure that you have the best chance at success at every step. With the assistance of a Forsyth County SSDI lawyer, you may find the process of obtaining disability benefits to be less stressful than you may have anticipated.

Who Processes SSDI Claims in Forsyth County?

SSDI is a government program paid through federal income taxes and administrated by the SSA. SSA agents refer to federal law when determining whether an SSDI applicant is eligible for disability benefits.

In some cases, the SSA may require additional documentation before making a decision. An SS disability lawyer in our area can advise you on what documentation to include in an initial SSDI application as well an any subsequent appeals.

Mandatory Waiting Period for SSDI Benefits

The SSA will only award disability benefits to eligible applicants after a five-month mandatory waiting period. This waiting period begins on the day the disability occurred, not the day someone files their SSDI application. This is important for anyone who does not file a disability claim immediately after suffering a debilitating injury.

Despite the waiting period, some SSDI applicants in Forsyth County receive their first disability compensation check well before the five-month mark after filing their claim. What’s more, SSDI benefits may be reimbursed for the months prior to filing as well. SSDI benefits could be awarded for up to 12 months before the application was filed upon a showing that the disability was present at or before that time.

SSDI and Other Government Benefits

The SSA also provides monthly benefits to individuals who fall below a certain income threshold. Known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), recipients of this monthly compensation may also be eligible for SSDI.

Like the SSA, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also provides compensation to disabled veterans who are unable to work. Whether receiving SSDI while already receiving veterans’ disability benefits is possible will depend on individual circumstances.

Other government benefits such as these will not automatically qualify or disqualify an applicant for SSDI. It is best to discuss these details with a knowledgeable Forsyth County SSDI attorney.

Contact a Forsyth County SSDI Attorney Today

While there is no way to guarantee a successful SSDI application, Social Security disability representatives who understand the process know that minimizing avoidable mistakes is a good first step. In many cases, seemingly minor errors could cause an otherwise qualifying SSDI application to receive a denial.

Let a Forsyth County SSDI lawyer on our team provide you with insight and advice you need to increase your chances of obtaining disability benefits. Call now to set up an initial consultation with our SSDI law firm.

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