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Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is one of the disability programs offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This program can provide financial assistance to people who are unable to work due to an impairment.

As straightforward as this sounds, obtaining SSI payments can be difficult. It is not uncommon for parties to receive a denial on an initial application despite having a qualifying disability. In fact, most applicants for SSI need to pursue multiple appeals to receive the benefits they deserve.

For assistance with submitting a strong initial SSI claim, get in touch with our firm. If you’ve already been denied benefits, a Forsyth County SSI lawyer on our team can help you understand the reason for a denial, gather additional supporting evidence, and submit an appeal to the SSA on your behalf.

The Requirements for SSI

You can only qualify for SSI benefits if you are unable to earn substantial income due to a disabling condition that has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months. Qualifying conditions can be physical, mental, or a combination of both.

You must also pass the means test. SSI is considered a last-resort option for people who have exhausted all other potential sources of disposable income. This means that another person in your household cannot bring in substantial income that exceeds the SSA’s limits.

In fact, unmarried claimants cannot have disposable assets or income in excess of $2,000. If an applicant is married, this limit increases to $3,000. A Forsyth County lawyer can help pinpoint the reason for a denied SSI claim and address it with supporting evidence.

Pursuing Appeals after One or More SSI Denial

While the receipt of a denial is undoubtedly inconvenient, it does not mean that you can’t receive SSI benefits. You have the right to file an appeal with the help of an attorney in your area. As long as an appeal is submitted within 60 days of receiving a denial letter, your case can move forward.

One of our disability representatives can assist you with providing additional medical evidence or proof of financial eligibility in a carefully-crafted appeal. If the SSA issues a second denial, you may request a hearing to present your case to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who can examine the case from a fresh perspective and issue an independent ruling. A Forsyth County attorney can represent you at an administrative hearing and help present your claim for SSI.

Reach out to a Forsyth County SSI Attorney to Pursue Your Benefits

Receiving cash benefits under the Supplemental Security Income program can often make a substantial difference in making ends meet. Unfortunately, the SSA rejects many applications, meaning people often wait months or even years before receiving SSI benefits.

Speaking with a Forsyth County SSI lawyer at our firm can help keep your case active. Every person has the right to an appeal after receiving a denial letter, but it’s imperative to file quickly. A disability attorney can help gather additional evidence to strengthen your claim and submit an appeal on your behalf. Contact our intake team today to learn more.

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