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Protect your rights and your family with a skilled attorney in Suwanee, GA. Call our Divorce Lawyers Suwanee GA office (678) 798-8078 office and get the best divorce lawyers on your side. 

A divorce can be a painful and life-changing event. It can be a very emotional time for families going through a divorce. For many, making the decision to get divorced and taking the first step of contacting an attorney are the hardest steps in the process. At Atlanta Divorce Law Group, we not only will help you through the legal process but provide any additional support we can to help you transition to the next chapter of your life. We have created relationships with local referral partners and businesses, from childcare to realtors to mortgage brokers in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The divorce process itself will address many things including the splitting of marital assets, establishing child custody and parenting plans, and how debt is split between both parties. In order to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to and to protect the best interest of yourself and your children, it’s important to hire an experienced family law attorney that is familiar with the local courts and judges like those in Suwanee, GA.

Additionally, because of the emotional component of a divorce, the process is not the mere cancellation of a contract, but a restructuring of a family unit into something that is healthy and positive for all involved. Divorce can be a long process and most people don’t know what their rights are during the divorce. When your marriage ends in Suwanee, GA, you need professional legal representation to keep the divorce process on track and to protect your rights.

We are divorce lawyers who are serving Suwanee, GA. We have a collective 30 years of experience in the family law practice area. If you want to file for a divorce in Suwanee, GA, keep reading to learn more about the process.

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    The Substantive Components of Divorce

    In Suwanee, Georgia, your rights and responsibilities during divorce proceedings pertain to several areas, namely the division of assets, custody, and support of children, and, in some cases, alimony.

    The Division of Assets

    According to Georgia law, each party is entitled to keep their separate property but this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, which is why you should consult an Atlanta Divorce Law Group attorney if you have any property you believe to be separate. In addition, marital assets that both parties own have to go through an asset division process. The parties’ lawyers can assist in formulating a resolution, but if they cannot reach an agreement, a Georgia court will have to make a ruling.

    Georgia is an equitable division state and not a community property state. As a result, the court in Suwanee, GA, will determine an equitable or fair division of assets and not necessarily an equal division of assets.

    Factors that Georgia courts take into account for asset division include:

    • The intent of the parties as owners of the property
    • The conduct of the parties
    • The parties’ contribution to the marital property and family
    • The length of the marriage

    When it comes to asset division, Georgia law doesn’t follow a specific formula. The court will take surrounding circumstances, the factors above, and the directives of family law into account to determine a fair division of property. Our attorneys know what factors to consider and are able to help many clients come to a fair resolution and splitting of assets without needing a judge to make a ruling.

    Child Custody and Support


    Custody child refers to guardianship over the parties’ children. The best interest of the children is the most significant factor that the courts take into account to determine who gets custody. The factors that the courts consider to identify a child’s best interests include, among other things, the emotional ties between the child and the parent.


    Child support is the provision of care and maintenance to a child until he or she reaches the age of majority. A parent doesn’t have to have custody of children to be responsible for support, and you may have to pay support even if your child doesn’t live with you.
    In Georgia, the courts determine support using a child support worksheet. This worksheet bases its child support calculation on the financial situation of the parents and considers additional deviations that will influence the number.


    According to family law, alimony is an allowance or spousal support that one party pays to the other from a separate estate as a support measure. In Georgia, alimony is not a given and isn’t always given. Like custody, maintenance is often a contested component of the divorce proceedings. To determine alimony, several factors are considered including the financial situation of each party.

    The court will often take the parties’ conduct into account when determining alimony in Suwanee, GA. For example, if your spouse had an extra-marital affair in Suwanee, GA, the court may factor it into their ruling. To determine if you have a claim to alimony, you need the help of a Suwanee, GA divorce lawyer who has extensive experience with family law.

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    As your divorce attorney, we guide clients through the divorce process, explain all their legal options, and ensure that other parties respect their rights.

    Divorce is a big decision, and you need an experienced attorney with an excellent track record to handle your case. We have a collective 30 years of experience as a Suwanee, GA divorce lawyer, and we follow a client-oriented approach to help clients in Suwanee, GA, with their divorce cases.
    Protect your rights with the legal assistance of a skilled Suwanee, GA, attorney. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

    Protect your rights and your family with a skilled attorney in Suwanee, GA. Call our Divorce Lawyers Suwanee GA office (678) 798-8078 office and get the best divorce lawyers on your side. 

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