Cobb County Child Support Modification Lawyer

The courts understand that child support orders may eventually require modifications, as parents’ circumstances can change at any time during their children’s lives. Regardless of whether you pay or receive child support, a diligent attorney can help you request an adjustment that better coincides with your circumstantial changes. A skilled Cobb County child support modification lawyer can assist you in petitioning the courts to alter your current order.

Changes in Financial Circumstances

Significant changes to a parent’s income or a child’s financial needs commonly form the basis of successful support order modifications. Whether a judge grants a proposed alteration depends on the details of each case. For instance, a parent who takes a new job or gets a promotion may also warrant a modification to reduce or increase the amount of child support they receive or pay.

Additionally, the needs of a child may change due to medical expenses or increased childcare costs. An experienced Cobb County child support alteration attorney can review your case and offer legal advice about whether your financial circumstances warrant a modification.

Can Child Support in Cobb County be Modified after an Involuntary Loss of Income?

Official Code of Georgia Annotated §19-6-15(k)(2) allows a parent who suffers an involuntary loss of income to request a modification to their child support order. For example, being laid off, becoming disabled, or losing more than 25 percent of their income would warrant a parent to alter their support order.

Changes which do not qualify as involuntary loss of income include:

  • Being fired for good reason;
  • Choosing to earn less money to avoid paying support; and
  • Short term reductions in income.

The law imposes consequences for failing to pay child support, so a person who experiences an involuntary loss of income can benefit from speaking to an attorney about modifying their current order.

How Do Changes in Parenting Time Impact Child Support in Cobb County?

Child support amounts are based on parents’ finances as well as how much time they spend with their children. It follows that a noncustodial parent who fails to exercise court-ordered visitation may necessitate a child support modification. A judge who orders an increase in child support due to a failure to exercise visitation may also require the noncustodial parent to pay attorney’s fees and court costs to the custodial parent, according to O.C.G.A. §19-6-15(k)(5).

Petitioning a Judge for Child Support Modifications

Parties who cannot reach an agreement may petition the courts to modify their child support order. A petitioner would need to present evidence such as employment records and documentation of visitation history. A jury may determine the parties’ incomes, but a judge would make the ultimate decision on whether their support order adequately meets their family’s needs.

Furthermore, a parent may only request child support modifications once every two years and must demonstrate a material change in circumstances with the help of a steadfast lawyer in Cobb County.

Consult a Cobb County Child Support Modification Attorney Today

How a court rules on your petition to modify child support could affect your finances for years to come. However, a successful request to alter child support payments could ultimately serve the best interests of your children.

A knowledgeable Cobb County child support modification lawyer can assist you in preparing strong evidence and a persuasive case. Learn how to retain a legal advocate from our firm by calling our intake team today.

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