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Receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can make a substantial difference in paying for bills, groceries, and other necessities as well as providing a stable upbringing for your children. Unfortunately, many claimants receive a benefits denial after filing an initial application, and it is often necessary to pursue a case through the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) lengthy appeals process.

Submitting detailed paperwork, following up with doctor’s appointments, and meeting strict deadlines to keep your case open can all be made easier with the professional guidance of an experienced Social Security disability law firm. A skilled Buckhead SSI appeals lawyer can help you determine whether an appeal is necessary, gather information to pursue your case further, and adhere to important legal timelines.

When to Appeal

It is unfortunately common for most SSI benefits applicants to receive an initial denial from the SSA. Certain medical conditions qualify for automatic approval, and those who do not suffer from one of these disabilities would likely be denied SSI benefits.

The SSA may also deny a claim because:

Any of these reasons can justify a denial and form the basis of a successful appeal. A seasoned Buckhead SSI appeals attorney can help you evaluate the reason for your claim’s denial and recommend appropriate legal recourse.

Appealing the SSA’s Decision

Pursuing an appeal for an SSI claim involves a multi-part process. The first step a claimant can make is to request a reassessment from the SSA of their initial application. This is especially useful when an applicant knows why their initial claim received a denial, because they can tailor their appeal to better fit their case. For example, if the SSA denies a claim because of a lack of recent medical records, a claimant can meet with their doctor before submitting an appeal and include records from that visit.

However, the ultimate goal is to obtain a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, as most initial appeals are also denied. This gives applicants a chance to plead their case before a neutral third party. Retaining a steadfast SSI appeals lawyer in Buckhead can greatly improve a claimant’s chances at bringing a successful claim.

Let a Buckhead SSI Appeals Attorney Pursue Your Claim Further

Obtaining SSI can be a lengthy and frustrating process. It is rare for The SSA to approve an initial request for benefits, and applicants may need to complete two separate appeals to obtain SSI. The goal of most claims is to obtain a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. However, this may take up to two years from the date of an initial application.

A diligent Buckhead SSI appeals lawyer can help ensure that your case does not meet any unnecessary delays. A qualified hearing claims advocate can work to meet The SSA’s strict deadlines, gather necessary medical and work history documents, and complete any additional paperwork on your behalf. Pursuing an appeal is the best way to obtain Supplemental Security Income, so call today to get started.

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