Why Families Should Claim SSI For Children with Disabilities

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May 5, 2021 | Sara Khaki

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, can provide income support on a monthly basis to low-income families with disabled children. At the Khaki Law Firm, we can help you determine whether your disabled children are eligible for SSI benefits. Keep reading for more details about SSI and how our firm can help you claim benefits for children with disabilities.

Is My Child Eligible for SSI Benefits?

SSI provides support for families with children who suffer from blindness or other developmental, behavioral, or physical disabilities. Developmental disabilities can include autism and intellectual disability, and behavioral impairments include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Eligibility for SSI benefits depends on your financial circumstances. An experienced SSI lawyer can gather the necessary evidence to prove the financial consequences of caring for your disabled child and help make your claim as strong as possible.

How is SSI Beneficial for Families with Disabled Children?

If your child has a disability, your family has likely incurred high out-of-pocket costs, which can lead to financial hardship. Monthly SSI payments can help alleviate financial burden and give your child access to health insurance through Medicaid. If you are eligible to receive SSI benefits, your child may also be automatically eligible for Medicaid benefits.

This covers the essential long-term services and support that private insurance companies may not otherwise offer, including personal and home care assistance and medical services. Medicaid also covers home modifications and equipment such as eyeglasses and hearing aids, wheelchairs, lifts, and supportive housing services, all of which can significantly add up over time when caring for a disabled child at home.

Ask Our Attorneys about SSI for Disabled Children Today

If your child has a disability, you may benefit from filing an SSI claim to gain financial support and access to Medicaid. To find out if you are eligible, or if you were denied SSI, contact the Khaki Law Firm today to get started on your case.

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