Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits after a Denial

Georgia Denied Social Security Disability Lawyer
Oct 29, 2019 | Sara Khaki

The process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits after a denial can take anywhere from two to three years. It is an incredibly long process, especially without legal counsel.

Appealing a denial of benefits involves attending a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. We have created a checklist of things a person needs to make sure are done before they attend a Social Security hearing.

Number one on the checklist is to retain a qualified hearing claims advocate with Social Security experience to represent your needs in court. The next steps should be to make sure that:

  • Your medical record is complete;
  • Your earning statements have been reviewed, are correct, and properly represent your state of disability;
  • You or your advocate have received favorable statements from your healthcare provider;
  • You and your advocate have properly prepared for questions that are going to be asked by the administrative law judge; and
  • You and your advocate have properly prepared for a cross-examination of the vocational expert.

Receiving Subsequent Denials

Cases which get rejected twice and subsequently go to court are made at the federal level. The candidate would be heard by an Administrative Law Judge. While this is a federal procedure, which hearing office it would take place in depends on the applicant’s address.

A skilled SSDI lawyer from our firm can help you prepare for your hearings. For help with determining your options for obtaining Social Security disability benefits after a denial, call our intake team today.

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