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If your minor or adult child is living with a condition that limits their ability to function independently, they could be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) through the Social Security Administration (SSA). While many SSI children live with these conditions their entire lives, it is worth noting that benefits could also be available to children with short-term disabilities as well.

For many families, children’s SSI could ensure they receive the financial support they need. The unfortunate fact is that many SSI claims are initially denied. By working with an Atlanta children’s SSI lawyer, you can ensure you maximize your chances of filing an approved claim.

Determining Eligibility for Disabled Minor Children

Disabled children could be eligible for monthly SSI payments if they qualify for certain disabilities defined by the SSA. As with adults, a disabled child must also meet certain income eligibility requirements to qualify for SSI. An Atlanta disability advocate can advise a family on their potential children’s SSI compensation should their claim be approved by the Social Security Administration.

Disability Requirements

For children, SSI benefits are only available when disability requirements are met. To be medically eligible, a child’s condition must last for at least 12 months or be expected to result in death.

Additionally, the condition or series of conditions must lead to “marked and severe functional limitations.” This standard requires evidence that the disability dramatically limits the child’s activity.

Income Requirements

SSI is means-tested, meaning only individuals who are below a certain income threshold will qualify for compensation. If the disabled child is working, they are limited in the amount of income they can earn each month. These monthly limits are higher for SSI children who are legally blind.

The SSA will consider the income and resources of the child as well as any family members that live with them. If the combined assets of these family members are more than the maximum amount allowed, the SSA will deny the child’s SSI claim.

SSI Benefits for Disabled Adult Children

An SSI child is not automatically excluded from benefits when they turn 18. However, the Social Security Administration uses certain rules when determining whether a disabled adult child can continue receiving SSI payments.

When determining SSI eligibility for disabled adult children, the SSA will not count any resources or income provided by their family. This allows a disabled child who has turned 18 to apply for SSI based on their own earning power even if they still rely on the income of their family members.

Furthermore, the SSA will conduct additional medical reviews of a disabled child when they turn 18. This review will determine whether they are still living with the disabilities that entitled them to SSI as a minor.

Determining whether a disabled child will maintain their SSI benefits after reaching the age of 18 is complicated. Fortunately, an Atlanta disability attorney can advise a family on whether their disabled child is eligible for SSI after they turn 18.

Discuss SSI Children’s Benefits with an Atlanta Attorney

If you have questions about SSI eligibility for your disabled adult or minor child, you do not have to navigate the claims process alone. A skilled disability advocate at our Social Security disability law firm can guide you through the SSI process. To get started, schedule a confidential consultation with an Atlanta children’s SSI lawyer immediately.

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