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Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, provides financial support to Atlanta residents who have limited resources and suffer from a disability which prevents them from working. Proving that you qualify for SSI can be challenging because the requirements are very strict.

An Atlanta SSI lawyer can help you with the application process or with filing an appeal if you have been denied benefits. Let an experienced Social Security disability law firm guide you through the process and help demonstrate that you are eligible to receive the full amount of benefits.

How Should Someone Apply for SSI Benefits?

Those seeking SSI benefits may apply online or make an appointment to apply in person at a local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. It is best to gather information and evidence to support a claim before filing an initial application. Doing so could help prevent challenges later down the line. An Atlanta SSI disability attorney can help prepare an application and effectively present evidence on behalf of a disabled claimant.

What Are the SSA’s Disability Requirements?

To qualify for SSI benefits, applicants must suffer from a long-term disability which is severe enough to keep them from earning sufficient wages. A claimant’s condition must be medically identifiable and expected to last at least a year or to result in death. Their condition must also render them totally disabled and unable to perform daily tasks such as standing, walking, and concentrating.

The SSA will examine medical records and vocational information to determine whether an applicant’s disability prevents them from engaging in substantially gainful activity. The help of a knowledgeable SSI disability representative in Atlanta can make a big difference in effectively preparing evidence to establish a claimant’s debilitating condition.

Income and Resources

In addition to the disability requirement, SSI applicants must also show that they have limited resources. The SSA will look at a claimant’s sources of income as well as their available assets before deciding whether to award SSI support.

Some assets, such as a house, will not be counted against an applicant’s chances of obtaining benefits. However, the agency will consider whether friends or family members provide resources like food or shelter to a claimant.

What to Do After a Denial

Because the SSA is so strict about the disability standard, many qualified applicants receive notice that their application has been denied. Fortunately, there are several opportunities to appeal a denial of benefits. An accomplished Atlanta disability law firm can help with any stage of the SSI appeals process.

A claimant who receives a denial letter may request reconsideration from the SSA and present new supporting evidence. Those who are met with another denial of benefits can request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge who may overturn or accept the SSA’s decision.

Finally, filing through the Appeals Council or federal district court after subsequent denials can also be made easier with the help of a diligent hearing claims advocate. For many applicants, the administrative hearing provides the best opportunity to demonstrate their eligibility and receive benefits.

Consult an Atlanta SSI Attorney Today

While you may need SSI benefits to offset your limited resources, it can be difficult to obtain support even if you meet the eligibility standards. Working with a seasoned Atlanta SSI lawyer can provide peace of mind and help you achieve a successful outcome with minimal delay. A dedicated advocate for the disabled from our firm can guide you through the process and fight to get you full and fair benefits. For a consultation, call now.

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